Work-related Problems

Seeing Work Related Problems Differently

By Desmond Yeoh

Ceramic Products Manufacturer in Malaysia

Ceramic Products

Richard felt totally frustrated. All the things that could go wrong at work are happening at the same time and the office politics are making the problems even tougher. His sleep last night was disturbed and he felt like he did not have any sleep at all. While staring at the bathroom mirror, he silently asked the Divine, “Why am I going through all this? What is there for me to learn?”

The answer came back to him intuitively, “Everyone is given a basket of white eggs and black eggs. The white eggs represent pleasant circumstances and the black eggs represent difficulties and challenges. My child, where do you intend to put the black eggs – with your work, health or family?”

Immediately, Richard felt the burden lifted off his shoulders. He would have placed all the black eggs with his work and it appears that this is his present circumstance. Suddenly, the work related problems seem easier. They are not problems if they can be solved. Anyway, it is unreasonable of him to expect everything to flow nicely perpetually. Life is a series of ups and downs. It is exactly these moments of challenges and harmony that make life interesting. The joy of solving problems or overcoming problems requires that there be problems and challenges at the first place.

Richard looked back at when he first joined his organisation. He was fearful at first of not meeting the expectations that his job require but after a while, his fear was replaced by the joy of learning new things and helping the organisation improve. The problems he faced actually contributed to his happiness!

He considered other aspects of his family life. Everyone is healthy and they are all contented and happy. There is nothing more that he could ask for. He is thankful to the Divine and this feeling of gratitude gave him an emotional lift. He laughed at himself for feeling sorry for himself when there is so much to be thankful for. He remembers reading about a research which showed that the most important factor to a person’s happiness is a happy family. He can face ups and downs at work but if he has a strong family support, he will generally feel happy. Even if he loses his job, after the initial disappointment, he will revert back to his general well-being. It is like striking lottery. Research has also shown that after the initial euphoria, the winner will always revert back to his original state of happiness (or the lack of it).

“Yes,” Richard said to himself with full conviction, “Work-related problems are the best problems to have!” He started whistling a happy tune while he prepares himself for work.

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