On Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhanath

Testimony - Mark VHI saw Yogiraj appearing as King Arthur and Genghis Khan. I saw his features morphing and transforming. I could clearly feel the universal life force (prana) moving up and down my spine.

– Mark Victor Hansen, Author of Chicken Soup for the Soul books (Watch Video)

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Testimony - SmitaWhile meditating in the Siddhanath Temple in front of a massive Shiva Lingam, I saw Lord Shiva appearing out from the Shiva Lingam and turning into Mahavatar Babaji and within split seconds, Mahavatar Babaji turned into Siddhanath…

– Smita J, Yoga Teacher and Author (Watch Video)


Testimony - FredMy heart felt like it was exploding with heat which spread throughout my body. The heat went to my head (mind) and I went into total relaxation. My whole body was pulsating with life force. There are no words to describe this feeling of happiness and complete relaxation. I felt like I was expanding into everything around me. The act of sex is a million times less pleasurable that this experience.

– Fred, Participant from London (Watch Video)


Testimony - LaurieI am not new to the spiritual path and meeting Great Ones. I can speak with that experience that Yogiraj is a Satguru and very rare. With his transmission, he strengthened my mind to keep the negative out and to completely transform into the positive. There is no effort. I have always felt very alone but now, I feel like the words “You are not alone, I am with you” is coming from my heart

– Laurie, a participant in Oregon (Watch Video)


Testimony - SteveMy car was completely wrecked. Just before I left for the Ashram, I found that my car was stolen. I reported it stolen and just said to myself to let it go. I then went to the Ashram. On the day I returned from the Asram, I got a call from the police that my car has been found. When I got the car back, I discovered that someone had stolen the car, renovated it completely back to new. So I got a brand new car back with Gurunath’s picture still stuck to the dashboard.

– Steve Clark, a participant in London

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