Do we choose our wants

Do we Choose our Wants

By Desmond Yeoh SC

Ceramic Products Manufacturer in Malaysia

Ceramic Products

At one time or another, most of us would have compared ourselves to someone significantly worse off than us and wonder why we are not as happy as we should be or compared ourselves to someone significantly better off than us and find that they are at best, just as happy (or unhappy) as us; and we again feel confused with our life goals. Humanity seems to suffer from an inherent feeling of dissatisfaction and never getting enough. Our Father would be baffled with the condition we are in. He has given us more and more but we never seem to get contented. Why?

On the face of it, we think that we decide what we want. When we buy a new gadget, it appears that we have made the decision to buy it. However, if we look deeper, we can see that our wants are put into us by others; by the advertisements and movies that portrays how happy the new owner of the gadget is. They give a message that One cannot be really happy unless One owns the gadget.

In today’s economy, every business person’s dream is to invent ‘a new need’. Something that was not required in the past but because it was invented and well-marketed, it becomes a ‘must have’. That is why the world today perpetrates the need to have MORE. A person living in the city will suffer more from this disease in comparison to another person living in a small village. This is because the city dweller is more exposed to outside influence.

Bringing spirituality into our worldly life involves changing our mindset from MORE to ENOUGH. MORE equals craving while ENOUGH equals contentment. Understanding this is enough to remove the craving from our life. When we take back the power to truly decide what we really want, we will have contentment in our life.

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  1. CKW888
    Oct 26, 2012 @ 01:59:41

    So true …


  2. chiaab
    Oct 26, 2012 @ 14:00:21

    well,insatiable desire for playthings or to keep up with the jones next door has left them high and dry in their thinking without sensible direction…only hope remain for them….


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