Remove the Three Faults for Higher Consciousness

By Rudra Shivananda

rudrashivanandainlilleoruTraditionally, when a seeker is accepted into a path of higher consciousness, the spiritual guide begins by giving instructions into the obstacles that prevent the attainment of higher awareness. These are very important but often neglected and forgotten over time and need to be revived every now and then.

It is necessary to continually guard against the three faults as they prevent us from evolving our consciousness and can stunt our spiritual growth. These three faults are often compared to imperfect vessels.

The first fault is that of an upside down vessel – one that is blocked off from further input. It is a reminder to stay receptive. We are often so full of our own ideas and discoveries that we are more interested to tell others about what we think we know rather than be aware of our inherent ignorance and be ready to listen. Let us learn to listen and never stop learning.

The second fault is that of a leaky vessel – one that cannot retain anything. This is an analogy for a seeker who cannot retain the knowledge and wisdom that is being imparted by spiritual guides or even from the books they study. Sincere students need to develop their power of retention – first by paying attention, followed by stronger memory.

The third fault is that of an impure vessel – one that is filled with prejudice, misconceptions and delusions that lead one to misunderstand liberating teachings. Instead of the truth, an impure vessel fills with illusion. The sincere student should strive to remove all such taints that can prevent the pristine perception of reality in the words of those who are imparting the fruits of higher consciousness.

Let us all strive to overcome these three faults so that we can maximize our opportunities to learn and achieve higher awareness.

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