Surrender: The Foundation of Kriya Yoga

Surrender: The Foundation of Kriya Yoga

When I was first initiated into Kriya Yoga, the teacher asked us to pick a topic to contemplate in one of the meditation practices. I chose ‘Surrender’. The topic just came naturally to me and I could have filled pages after pages writing about it after coming out of the meditation. I did not realise it then but I know now that surrendering to the Divine is the foundation of Kriya Yoga which supports our entire practice.

My friend recently shared a story with me which illustrates this:

Recently I faced some problems at work. I prayed to the Divine to bring peace to my heart while I go through this challenge. One night, I dreamt that I was a construction worker working on a skyscraper. I was very high up in the sky walking along the steel beams. I have a fear of heights and the Divine chose a good way to get His point across! I was scared stiff but the Divine said to me that I have protective wires tied to me. All I need to do is to test those wires once by falling off in the scariest way possible. Once I see that I am protected by the wires, I will no longer be afraid! So, I let go of the beam which I was clinging to and spread my hands out. I then leaned back with my eyes closed and fell off. I was caught by the security wires and pulled back to safety.

After I woke up, I could still remember the dream clearly. I know that whenever I remember a dream with clarity, it is a message from the Divine. It was clear to me that the Divine asked me to trust in Him. The message was simple: Do not be afraid of falling because I will be there to catch you!

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The purpose of Kriya Yoga is for spiritual evolution and the practices lead to the purification of one’s karma. It may draw to the present, future difficulties that we have to go through. However, the challenges may be less burdensome and we may be in a better position to face it now compared to later on when we are older and weaker. It is better to face our challenges when we are younger and leave the good times for our old age! At the same time, we can rest assured that the Divine will always be there to guide us and catch us when we fall.

We can surrender to any Divine Form which we feel a close connection with. We may see the Divine as Kriya Babaji, Lord Shiva, Jesus, Buddha or any other Divine form. When we love a person, it does not matter which aspect of the person we love the most; we still love the person. This is the same with the Divine. The Divine takes on different forms to represent different aspects of His Divinity but all these forms are still the Divine.

When the Divine shows us miracles, He is not trying to entertain us. He is merely asking, “When will you rest and just trust me?”


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