How can I be with my Spouse again in my Next Life?

From the Autobiography of Ajahn Mun (1870 – 1949)

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Questioner: “What should a husband and wife, who have lived together happily in this life and wish to remain together in the next life, do to insure that they’ll be reborn together in the future? Is it enough that they both hold the same desire for meeting again in future lives?”

Ãcariya Mun: “That desire merely creates the prospect of achieving one’s intended objective; but if that desire is not accompanied by concrete action it will not bring the expected results. Take the example of someone who desires to be rich. If that person is too lazy to go out and earn his wealth, then there is no way he’ll ever be rich. To stand any chance of success, an intention must be supported by a concerted effort toward reaching that goal”.

“It’s the same with a husband and wife who wish to maintain their loving relationship, living together happily in each successive life. To avoid being separated, their viewpoints must be analogous, and they must remain faithful to each other. They must refrain from taking advantage of each other because this destroys their mutual trust and leads to dissatisfaction. They must cherish virtue, behave properly, and trust each other. By establishing a mutual understanding about their partnership and then making a sincere effort to foster their future together by doing what is beneficial to it, they can expect to fulfil that desire for it is well within their power to do so”.

“On the other hand, should the opposite hold true – with either the husband being good while the wife is bad, or vice versa, with one or the other doing only that which pleases him or her – then no matter how many hundreds of resolutions they make together, they will all come to naught. Their very actions will perforce undermine their desire”.

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