Last Conversation

The Last Conversation

By Desmond Yeoh, reproduced from the ebook “We are Here to Celebrate”

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An old man is dying and he is holding the hand of his beloved daughter. Both of them know that his time is near.

Sobbing, the daughter begs her father, “Daddy, I am not ready for you to go yet. Please don’t leave me yet.”

The father smiles with warmth, “My baby, this body has become a burden. Why shed tears for it?”

“Daddy, don’t say that! You are and will never be a burden to me.”

Tears filled the father’s eyes, “I am not this body. Look at the tree outside. The dry leaves that fall to the earth do not shed tears because they know that they will soon rejoin the tree when their elements are absorbed by the roots. Everything is energy. Energy can never be destroyed but merely changes forms”.

“I want you to keep this form!”

“My Baby, I am not this form. Neither are you your form. You are your thoughts. I am part of your thoughts and therefore, I continue to live in you. I continue to live in your mother and in your son. Have you not on numerous occasions told yourself that you are becoming more and more like your father?”

The daughter smiles but sorrow still fills her eyes, “I cannot hug my thoughts. I cannot talk to my thoughts!”

“When you hold your son, know that I too live in him. When you talk to your mother, know that I continue to live in her as well.”

“Daddy, there is still so much for me to do to make you proud of me. I have done many mistakes in my life that I need to undo in your eyes”

“You are all that a father could wish for in a daughter. I am part of your thoughts and therefore, I am part of you. Everything that you have done, I have done with you. Therefore, who am I to judge you? Your achievements are my achievements too; your mistakes are my mistakes too. My Baby, there is nothing that you have done that in any way lessens my love for you. I am already proud of you.”

The daughter rests her head on her father’s chest. The soft beat of his heart comforts her but she knows that this would be the last time her father will be able to hold her.

“My Baby, everything happens at the perfect time. My death will serve to remove another veil that clouds the divinity within you. It will remove one of the many masks that hide your face. The Divine light shines brightly from your eyes and brighter will it shine.”

“How can your death bring anything but sorrow to me?”

The father continued, “Death is only for those who see themselves as their mind and body. Truly, we are beyond these. Do not see me as this body for I am not this body. Death is not the end but a beginning. It is not something ugly but something beautiful. In death, we finally drop the masks that we have been carrying and see the beautiful face of the divine.”

These words brought comfort to the daughter. She remained silent; absorbing the final words of her beloved father.

“My Baby, I am forever with you. Love does not know death. My love will comfort you in times of sorrow; my love will rejoice with you in times of happiness; and my love will forever be your shelter and your shield”.

With these last words, the father reunited with the Divine.

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