Pride fans Desire

Pride fans the Fire of Desires

By Desmond Yeoh

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Arathi is seated in front of her beloved Master. She often seeks his wise counsel whenever something bothers her. She never asks her master to solve her problems…. It is his wisdom that is precious to her.

The Master is more than 70 years old but his eyes remain bright and intelligent; like those of a new born baby.

Arathi said, “Master, last week I attended my high school reunion dinner. The few days before the dinner were horrible. I felt embarrassed because I have not achieved much in my life and I worried over what I will tell my old high school friends. I knew some of them have done very well. They live in big houses and drive expensive cars”.

She paused to see if the Master has anything to say. He just smiled to encourage her to go on.

She continued, “I did not enjoy the reunion dinner at all. Everyone was talking about their achievements, their assets and the holidays they have taken all over the world. I just kept quiet and stayed in the shadows”.

The Master responded slowly and softly, “Pride fans the fire of desires…..You can see that now, can’t you? Pride makes you seek for more that you need. It makes you go into debt so that you can buy a big house….bigger than what you truly want and need. It makes you buy big cars at a price that does not really justify the additional benefits compared to cheaper cars. It misleads and confuses you. It pushes you off the path that leads you to happiness.

Pride makes you jealous of others. Instead of feeling compassion and love for them, it fills you with ill-will towards them. They will soon sense that ill-will and avoid you. You think that they are looking down at you but really, it is your ill-will that is pushing them away”.

The Master paused for a moment as if to read her thoughts and continued, “It makes you think that you have not given enough to your loved ones. It makes you feel so guilty that you are not able to see that the most important thing that you can give them is your wisdom, love and time. It is these things that they will remember and that will guide them after you have passed on.”

Arathi remembered that after the reunion dinner, she opened her heart to her daughter. She told her that she felt guilty for not being able to give her what her friends have given to their children. Her daughter just hugged her and said, “You have given me more than I could ever want. You are my best friend and the best mother in the world. Don’t be silly, OK?”

Arathi shared this with the Master. The Master’s eyes filled with tears. He smiled and said, “You are blessed with a wise child. Be thankful for what you have”.

The Master lowered his voice and continued, “Arathi my child, do not let pride be your master. See the harm that it is bringing you. Master your emotions for the sake of your own happiness”. The Master’s eyes radiated loving kindness and compassion towards her.

Everything suddenly became clear to her. She felt like a huge burden has been lifted from her. She felt a relief in her heart. She used to think that pride is not as harmful as other negative tendencies such as anger or lusts. She now sees that pride is the worst among them all. It is like poisoned honey.

“How do I overcome my pride?” she asked.

Kriya Yoga Articles“Understand it. See the problems it brings you. Truly understand it. You do not take drugs because you see the problems that it will bring. With the scale of wisdom, you can clearly see that the suffering that it brings is greater than the short term high that it gives you. Use the same strategy with pride. You have already experienced the pain and confusion that pride brings. Learn to use the law of duality against Maya.

Pride can disguise itself as passion. It misleads you to think that it is helping you by driving you towards your goals. All it really does is to make your life miserable.

Do you still want to allow pride to be your master?”

Arathi replied solemnly, “No Master, I don’t”.

The Master said, “Then stay focused on the path that brings you happiness. Pretending or wishing to be somebody you are not is burdensome and deprives you of inner-peace. It is alright to be a ‘nobody’. Other people’s opinion of you is worthless. It neither adds to nor takes away the happiness that you already have.

The next time pride shows its face, remind yourself of what truly matters to your happiness. Pride cannot sustain itself in the light of your awareness and wisdom”.

With a bright smile of understanding, Arathi prostrated and touched her Master’s feet to show her gratitude for his magical advice which has created a shift within her. She felt lighter and at peace with herself. She finally understood what contentment means.

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  1. balachandran
    Nov 03, 2011 @ 14:42:19

    Contentment the key to happiness,live life simply and discover the peace it brings,why the pride,what does it bring you,only to discover the miseries it brings along,bless the people who are rich and serve humanity,pray for the people who have pride,pray for them so they will have humility,and live in peace and harmony.


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