Be Like the Grass

Be like the Grass

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By Desmond Yeoh

grass blown by windIn a storm, the tall tree that stands firm and resists the wind will be uprooted while the tall grass that bends with the wind will survive.

This reflects the nature of our life. When we resist the flow of life, we bring unnecessary suffering into our life; but when we accept the circumstances that life deals us, we may discover that the seemingly negative events that we were trying to resist are actually blessings.

When I look back at the negative events in my life; those that appear negative at the time; I discover that I am actually thankful that they happened. I find that the Divine was actually guiding me towards a happier life. When I tried to resist, I was making it harder for the Divine to help and guide me. I am fortunate that the Divine has infinite patience with me.

uprooted treeWhen bad things happen, we tend to say that it is our bad karma. We do not realise that the negative events may actually be due to our good karma. We have to let go of one good thing in order to get something even better.

This is what letting go is all about. It involves the acknowledgement that we do not have the ability to see the Divine Plan and therefore, is not capable of determining what is right or wrong – good or bad – for us. We just need to trust that if we are willing to surrender to the Divine, everything will turn out alright. The event may be an answer to our prayer; we just cannot see it yet but sometime in the near future, we will recognise it as a blessing.

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  1. Kay Ku
    Mar 28, 2013 @ 08:49:26

    A grass or a tall tree ?


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