A True Story about Complete Surrender

By Balachandran

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Message from the editor: After mailing out the article ‘Suffering leads to Self-Understanding’, I received a mail from Mr. Balachandran. In his mail, he shared with me his story that clearly demonstrates what complete surrender to the Divine truly means. When we surrender, we do so without any expectations whatsoever. We leave it to the Divine to chart our course. If we set expectations on the Divine on how I problems should be resolved, then it is a prayer and not surrender. His story is such a wonderful example of what Surrender means that I asked his permission to include it in this book. I know that it is a lot to ask this of him. Through his courage and compassion, he allowed me to share his story. I bow down to him for his kindness.

Brother Desmond peace be with you always.

Now it has been a year since I retired, and the suffering, heartaches, and the unworthiness that I feel is almost unbearable. In fact my wife wants a separation. My whole world began tumbling down, until the last couple of weeks when I decided to surrender all my doubts, my fears, my pain and my sorrow to KRISNA as it says in the GITA.

I tried getting a job for so long but was unsuccessful. Then a few days ago at the restaurant that I frequent, the owner approached me and asked me if I have any friends who want to work in his restaurant. I asked if he would accept me. He told me the job was very tough and it involves clearing the glasses and plates. I told him that I am used to hard work. So I was offered the job. It pays five ringgit an hour. I started on the 11th  of July and believe me, it was a crazy 7 hours of running around non-stop everyday. I thought that I have died and gone to hell but while I was working I offered my praise to KRISNA and I was going on and on with his song in my heart and it became effortless.

The next day there was a call from a property management company for a building manager and it looks promising. I realised something;  by just offering all the pain and anger, I felt peaceful but what I did not realise was that I did not have enough faith in the Divine within. Today when I read your book it looks so familiar to what just happened to me. I am so sorry I did not give you any input for this wonderful book you have written. Congratulations for a job so well done and I know you will be with MAHA AVATAR BABAJI. JAI BABAJI.

With divine love from the inner core of my ATMAN

I bow to thee thank you my divine brother

Message from the editor: Sometimes Babaji sends me kind souls like Mr. Balachandran to encourage and inspire me. After requesting for his permission, he not only gave it, but he shared another story with me. In my previous book, ‘Filling our Life with Celebration’, I talked about forming a close relationship with the Divine. We should not only communicate with the Divine during our morning and evening  prayers or when we are in the temple. We should do so every moment of the day as if the Divine is always with us; listening. His story below is a great example.


My divine brother, I bow down to thee with love in my heart. Please include this in your next book. I want the world to know what surrender means.

I am a simple man and I lead a simple life. The day I meet you , I felt the vibrations of a divine person in you.

I came to know MAHAVATAR BABAJI through the best selling book of all times ‘An Autobiography of a Yogi’ by PRAMAHAMSA YOGANANDA and I never stop seeking him. He has played hide and seek with me from the time I knew about him.

This happened to me about two years ago: I was sending my wife for a meeting in Kuala Lumpur from Malacca. When I was reaching Bangi,  my car suffered a flat tyre. I steered the car to the emergency lane and stopped. I was relived that nothing happened to us.

The next thing on my mind was to send my wife to work. I prayed in my heart Om Kriya Babaji help me send my wife to work safely. It only took two minutes for my prayer to be answered. Her colleague was driving by and she stopped to give my wife a lift. They happily left for work.

Now it was up to me to fix the flat tire and be on my way. I grabbed the jack and went underneath the car to look for a spot to lay the jack at a stable point. At that split second, I felt a very tender touch pulling me out from underneath the car. At that very moment, a motorbike came and rammed into my car. The car was pushed about a meter away. My head would have been crushed if it was not for BABAJI who was watching over me. I would have died.

If you think this is a good story please include it as well. Babaji be with us always. What ever you are; be it the biggest sinner or any kind of human being if you have faith in him he is there for you. JAI JAI MAHAAVATAR BABAJI.

I be yours in service.

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  1. Evelyn LOO
    Dec 17, 2011 @ 02:17:19

    I am a Christian and believe in the Almighty God, Jesus Christ. Similarly, as long as we have faith and trust in HIM, believing that HE is always watching over us, we never fear and we find peace within ourselves because of HIS blessed assurance.

    We also believed that things happen in our lives for a reason because HE knows what is best for us. As long as we surrender ourselves to HIM, we are able to take anything that comes into our lives because we know that we are not alone and HE will give us the strength and courage to overcome it. All things are possible through HIM and nothing is that difficult that we cannot endure. So yes, we are able to find peace, joy, happiness and contentment in life through HIM. Hallelujah!!


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