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I once had the pleasure of reading a wonderful book by Dr. Brian Weiss, MD titled, “Many Lives, Many Masters”. In the book, Dr Brian, a psychologist, shares his story about how he used hypnotism to try to cure a patient, Catherine, of her chronic fears and phobias. In doing so, he accidentally regressed her into her past lives. It was a shock to Dr Brian as reincarnation was not consistent with his spiritual beliefs at that point. He continued to regressed Catherine to her previous lives until she was cured completely of her ailments.

In the process, Catherine also shared her experience in between lives and acted as a channel to communicate messages from the ‘Masters’ to Dr. Brian. Dr. Brian’s deceased father communicated with him through Catherine in one of the sessions. Dr. Brian was afraid to share his findings as he thought that it would not be acceptable to do so in his field. However, four years later, he felt that the consequences from sharing these experiences could not be worse that keeping them secret. The book, “Many Lives, Many Masters” was the result of this revelation.

There are many other scientific evidence of reincarnation. A best seller on this subject is “Life after Life” by Raymond Moody, MD. He interviewed numerous patients who went through near death experiences and was surprised by the consistency of their experiences.

Research has also been done on children who had past life memories by psychiatrist Jim B. Tucker as explained in his book ‘Life before Life’. The researchers investigated the facts provided by these children by visiting the places the children lived in their previous lives and found that what they said to be true.

Now, for most of us, reincarnation is an accepted belief. We will say, when we die, we will reincarnate and take on another form. This is accepted without argument. However, many of us do not and will not live our life in accordance with this belief. If we did, chasing after wealth and comfort, and satisfying our senses will not be our utmost priority. Instead, overcoming our weaknesses and bad habits would be our priority because we would not want to carry these burdens over to our next life. Work would not be a means to an end but an end itself. We would truly work without expectation of rewards.

If we learn to see this life as a part of a string of many lives, then it would become clear that our purpose in life is to experience life to its fullest and at the same time, learn to perfect ourselves. We learn to forgive instead of torturing ourselves by harboring anger within our hearts; we learn generosity instead of worrying about protecting our wealth; we learn to trust others instead of fearing them. In this process, we begin to rid ourselves the shackles that bind us to our habitual patterns. We begin to feel lighter and lighter; hence the word ‘enlightenment’. Truly, if we master our habits, we become the master to ourselves; then we transcend karma. I do not see any other way to happiness.


Below are guided meditations by Dr Brian Weiss. Try them out without expecting any experiences. Instead. use these guided meditations regularly to relax your mind. Over time, you may find  sub-conscious improvements in they way you view the world.


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