Out of Body

Out of Body Experience

By Puspavathy Rassiah (Reproduced from the e-book ‘Candles of Celebration’)

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Message from the Editor:  Puspavathy’s shared with me her out of body experience during meditation and I have her permission to share it with you.

Lately I am having weird experiences after my meditation sessions.

This happened five days ago: It was about three o’clock in the morning.  After studying, I meditated and then went to bed. I was half asleep, when a white light appeared on my forehead. The white light was the sized of a 5-cent coin and shaped like a snowflake. It started to spin slowly in a circular motion then got faster. The spinning turned the small light into a huge white light. The light engulfed me and I was the light. It permeated serenity and heat. I was totally immersed in it for a few minutes.

I could see everything in my room without moving my head. I saw my husband and my kids sleeping down on the mattress. At that moment I wanted to go to my husband, in a split second I floated to him and was looking down at him very closely.   Then a voice told me that I was out of my body… hearing that I got scared and was sucked back. Feeling jolted and terrified, I woke my husband…

I would like to know, whether this is an out of body experience or my mind is playing tricks on me. Can meditation give you out of body experience while sleeping?  Please advice….

Message from the Editor: Such experiences happen naturally when we do not seek it. When we seek it, it does not happen because the ego will block it. When we have an out of body experience, it is important that we do not get attached to it but use it to understand who we truly are. Such an experience is the clearest proof that we are not our mind and body.

I want to also talk about near death experiences (“NDE”). They sometimes occur at the operating table when the patient’s heart temporarily stops and brain activity cease altogether. The patients often describe themselves floating out of their body and looking at the doctors operating on them. They could even hear what the doctor said and often surprise their doctors by repeating what they heard during the operation. Most of these patients are very different persons after going through the NDE. They are happier and take life less seriously because they know beyond doubt that they are not their mind-body complex. Hopefully we do not need to have to go through a NDE to comprehend this.

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