Is Meditation Escapism?

Rudra Shivananda

It is tempting especially in times of great upheavals, natural disasters or even personal challenges to try to think about them instead of persevering in one’s own spiritual practice. There is a sense of guilt among some spiritual seekers to sit and meditate while there is turmoil about them.

This is a fallacious mode of ego-tripping – literally, the ego is trying to trip us up, because no amount of thinking will solve the world’s problems which are due to our own collective ignorance of the true meaning of life and who we are in essence. It is only by the power of meditation that we can perceive and experience reality and bring the bliss and peace from that experience into our daily activity.

Meditation is not an escape from reality but rather the means for reality to be revealed to us. Instead of the erroneous perception of reality due to our limited ego consciousness, we become exposed to the transcendental mode of super-consciousness. A person who has experienced the true nature of divine consciousness becomes fearless in the pursuit of helping her fellow members of humanity and in the betterment of the world. This enlightened spirit in a human body will never lack energy or enthusiasm to help others.

Light being

As more people meditate, they become beacons of light and sources of inspiration for the rest of humanity to spur them on to better themselves. When one becomes open to the bliss within, he affects everyone around him in a positive way, radiating peace and calmness in the midst of turbulence. The person who has experienced reality gathers the inner strength and purpose to help solve the world’s injustices.

It is the responsibility of every living being to become a beacon of light by meditating and realizing the reality of their true nature and the nature of reality all around. Therefore, persevere in your meditation in the knowledge that you are not only working towards your own happiness but also helping to solve the world’s problems.

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