Where all Religions are Pointing to

From our e-book “We are Here to Celebrate”

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Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhanath advises that all path leads to God or enlightenment. The best path for a person is the path that suits his/her mental dispositions.

Ultimately all religions teach us to stop identifying with our mind and body and ego. When we do not identify with the ego, there is no longer any need to think so much of the past and the future. Viewed another way, when we think of the past and future, we identify with the ego and this disturbs our peace. When we remain in the present moment, we are fully aware of the present. We can only see the screen when we stop the
movie projector. We are the screen, the movie projector is our identification with our mind-body personality and the movie projected on the screen is our thoughts.

All religions point towards the understanding of the false Self and the realization of who we truly are – pure consciousness which is bliss, joy and peace. Pure consciousness can never be tainted. The Masters from various religions tells us to be selfless and practice virtue. Christianity teaches that God is omnipresent. There is no where that God does not
exist. Hinduism teaches we are God and the oneness of all beings. A core teaching in Theravaden Buddhism is that of ‘Anata’ or ‘no-Self’. It teaches that the ‘I’ does not exist. The core teaching of Mahayana Buddhism is ‘Sunyata’ or emptiness. It teaches that everything is empty of inherent existence and that nothing exists independently on its own.

Towards the end of his life, the Buddha insisted that he be called the Tatagatha which means ‘suchness’. He does not want his disciples to confuse him for his mind and body. Once we cease to identify with our mind and body, separation cease to exist and virtue arises naturally.

Virtue no longer requires effort and mental conflicts cease. Once, a Buddhist monk approached a man of another religion for food. To a Buddhist monk, the offering of food to a sincere monk provides an opportunity to the giver to gain bountiful merits in accordance with the law of cause and effect. It is called ‘Dana’. The man was reluctant to make the offering as he was of a different religion. The monk explained to the man that his heart is not of any religion, not Buddhist, Muslim or Christian. Religion is only important in this world of duality and not in the cosmic consciousness where duality does not exist. When our ego identifies with ‘our religion’, problems arise. There are wars that are carried out in the name of religion. This shows how ‘unconscious’ our world is now.

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