We learn through our Experiences

From our e-book “We are Here to Celebrate”

green sports car on gray asphalt road

I like to illustrate how a Guru trains us with a simple example. Let’s say we are driving a
racing car and are about to crash against a side wall. In such a situation, we should always look towards where we want to steer to instead of the wall. Habitually, we will look towards the wall and inevitably, crash into it. The Guru will tell us that it is understandable but keep creating opportunities for us to train ourselves until we get rid of this habit of looking at the wall. When this habit is overcome, we will then have removed one layer of the habitual pattern that forms part of our ego.

I see this happening in my own life. Every time, I am faced with a situation which test my karmic tendencies, thoughts often come into my awareness, telling me whether I have chose wisely. Whether I acted based on my karmic tendency or I acted wisely, a lesson will be taught. I feel responsible to share these lessons with you and hope that you benefit from them.

Wisdom cannot just be taught; it must also be experienced. The masters teach that we are not our thoughts. These are merely words until we truly experience the teaching in our meditations. Only by observing how our thoughts arise spontaneously within us that we start to appreciate the teaching. When we start to see our experiences as opportunities for growth, then we can start to truly appreciate life as a human being.

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