Stotra to Lessen Karmic Effects

By Rudra Shivananda

The following should be recited on awakening in the morning. It invokes the
blessings of the Divine Trinity as well as the planetary rulers. These planetary
rulers or angels have the responsibilities to mete out karmic retributions. It is best
to invoke their blessings every day to lessen the karmic effects where possible.

Brahmaa, Muraari, Tripuraanta-kaari
Bhaanuh, Shasi, Bhuumu-suto, Budhash cha
Gurush cha, Shukraha, Shani, Raahu-Ketava
Kurvantu sarve mama suprabhaatam.

Let Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva,
The Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury
Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, the Ascending and Descending Nodes,
Let all these Celestials make the morning auspicious for me.


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