Action With Awareness – Right Conduct

By Rudra Shivananda

Once an aspirant has set his or her foot on the spiritual path, a bewildering array of possibilities present themselves – the variety of spiritual groups, marketplace of systems, choice of teachers, myriad techniques and conflicting instructions. Choices to be made, doubts that constantly arise, and obstacles that present themselves are just more barriers to be overcome – as the seeker matures on the path, things don’t necessary get easier or clearer!

What is going on? It is the illusionary trap that techniques and teachers are the only important factors on the path. Yes, they are very important and one should make careful choices and keep one’s commitment, especially if one has the good karma to meet a Master. However, one’s commitment to the Truth is the ultimate Light that can lead from ignorance to Self-Realization and losing sight of this Truth is the cause of the doubts and failure on the path.

Once a person realizes the value of a human birth with its potential for rapid spiritual evolution and consequently makes a dedication to higher consciousness, he or she needs to make an ultimate commitment to act in that higher consciousness.

How is it possible to act with higher consciousness when we have not achieved the higher states yet? That is where the teachings of the great sages come in. The great Masters have given us the spiritual values to live by – these values derive from their highest consciousness states and are based on the true reality. These values are not empty platitudes nor are they simple games for beginners – they are actually the most important part of our spiritual path, of any spiritual path. We must keep reminding ourselves that the goal of our evolutionary practice is to achieve our ultimate states of consciousness and the attendant wisdom that enables us to act in accordance with Universal Will. When we act with this awareness, we achieve peace and happiness.

All the confusion that comes about for sincere seekers arise because they have forgotten or neglected the ultimate truth that their present conduct in life mold their future consciousness. If we conduct ourselves negatively, we are sabotaging our spiritual practice. We must never lose sight of the importance of cultivating positive conduct in relationships, in our career, and in all aspects of our lives.

It is not finding the correct breathing technique, the true teacher or the most powerful mantra that will bring about the transformation of a human being to a Divine Being. Certainly, there is no doubt that finding a Master and being blessed with a spiritual practice are critical to the transformation process, but without the effort towards positive conduct, the process can delayed for life-times. Some Masters in the scriptures have even highlighted action with awareness as the key to unlocking our highest potential. The skillful seeker should keep this in mind and act accordingly – don’t let yourself lose sight of the Truth because of ever-changing circumstances.

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