From a Child to a Seeker

From our e-book “We are Here to Celebrate”

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As a child grows to become a man, he accumulates knowledge, beliefs and conditioning that makes up his ego. The child absorbs everything that is taught to him. He is completely helpless and is rarely allowed to question the lessons taught. He learns how to live within the society. He learns what is right or wrong based on what the society teaches him. His ego grows in line with his accumulation of knowledge, beliefs and conditioning.

Layers and layers are added until the day, he feels alone because he has crawled too far away from the Divine. The veils that he has accumulated have become too heavy. The many masks that he wears over his face begin to suffocate him.

The Divine calls out to him and he becomes a seeker. He begins to look inward instead of outwards for happiness. He seeks to understand himself and begins the torturous but infinitely rewarding process of removing the veils that has covered him for eons.

As he removes the veils, the light within becomes brighter to him. He begins to see that the waves are the sea. They are only different conceptually. He knows that by rejecting another, he is only rejecting himself and by hurting another, he only hurts himself. The veil of separation begins to fall away.

He begins to see that all experiences are opportunities to remove the veils that cloud the divinity within him. He knows that his karmic tendencies attract the very circumstances that provide him with the opportunity to remove their corresponding veils. And this time, he acts with confidence and wisdom; unlike in the past when he reacted to circumstances based on his emotions. He is no longer blown around by the winds that come from all directions. He is like a pole sunk firmly in the ground.

He knows that when there is awareness, there is happiness. When awareness is absent, there is suffering. He knows that with awareness, he can understand the ‘Self’ and know that all is One. He knows that when he is present, the ego does not exist. This is because the ego is thoughts of the past and future. Therefore, when he is present, he cannot create a mental picture of himself and at that very moment, he is abiding in emptiness; in pure consciousness.

He learns that his path is just beginning for in the past, he has been walking around in circles. But now, he walks the path with joy and confidence. He walks fearlessly for he is guided by the Divine Within and sustained by wisdom and awareness. Once in a while he stumbles but the Divine hand quickly picks him up. With joy, he knows that this is all that he needs to be happy. Happiness is no longer a future event or something to be achieved after death.

Happiness is NOW!



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