Technique by Swami Rama to Test and Improve Memory

By Desmond Yeoh


Patanjali taught that we must take our memory under our control. When we do so, we will not forget anything. We will stop reciting the mantra, “I am sorry, I forgot!” Swami Rama explained that we forget because of our lack of interest. If we are interested in something, we will not forget. The following technique is based on his video on the Patanjali Yoga Sutras[1]:

  1. Lie down in Savasana, the Corpse Pose. Palms are faced upwards and placed about 1 foot away from the body. The legs are spread shoulder length apart. Be comfortable.
  2. Play the perfect role of a dead body. Do not move and draw your awareness from the external world.
  3. Relax yourself from head to toe and back from toe to head with the help of your awareness and breath.
  4. Start counting 1,2,3….and so on as far as you can until your mind slips and get distracted. When a Yogi practice this technique, he will count from 1 to 1,000 and then from 1,000 back to 1 again.  However, Swami Rama advised us to start with 100. Swami Rama affirms that the day we can get to 1,000 and back, we will have our memory under our control.
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[1] Please visit and select the ‘Recommended’ menu button. The link to the video is under the ‘Practices’ heading.

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  1. Dr.Subhassh
    Sep 17, 2011 @ 16:39:22

    Thank You a million,Brother Desmond.This article is timely,as I am starting on Homeopathy again(inspired by my Highly respected colleague Dr Low,who is herself a medical Doctor turned Homeopathy Physician).To learn and be a good Homeopath one need a great memory.I was on the fence to go ahead or just take life easy and forget of becoming a healer.Two items,today set me thinking:(1)a video by a friend titled”What People Can Do”(which I will be posting to you),and(2)your article on improving one’s memory.GOD is sending me lots of guidence.And I am grateful to YOU for your helping hand.


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