The One in All

From our e-book “We are Here to Celebrate”

The Sea and the Waves

ocean wave

In the previous articles on surrendering to the Divine, I give the impression that the Divine and I are separate. But in truth, the Divine is in everyone and everything: Just like the waves and the sea is one. Once a wave stops seeing itself as the wave, it will see the reality, that it is the sea and all waves are one. In the book ‘Sacred Messages for the Parents of the World’ co-authored by Ivonne Delaflor and Phil LaHaye, Babaji telepathically said to Ivonne Delaflor, “Let me make this clear, Babaji is a thought. Yes, with a form, but created by thousands of thought-beliefs in Babaji. I feel so very grateful. Yet, without YOU all, “I” would not exist. Got it?…I live! For I AM life itself. I am as alive as
you are. My body is a projection of thought-beliefs in me! One day I trust my children will awaken in the NOW to the realisation that they are the creators of all and everything – this book, these messages, this life!”

Believe in Babaji, but more importantly, believe in the Divine within you. Babaji, Christ, the Buddha, all the present and past Siddhas and us are ONE. Is it very hard to see? Do you now see that the ego is merely thoughts? That is why we cannot describe ourselves other than based on references to the past and future. What is behind the ego (thoughts);
the Divine! I can only understand this intellectually. I pray that one day, all of us will realise this truth in our hearts.

Only by understanding the personal self will the false fall away to reveal the Reality. Reality cannot be explained or conceptualize. Science has explained it with electrons and protons but these explanations have not helped the world or the scientists who revealed them. Just let the false fall away bit by bit through awareness and understanding. This is the only way.

Babaji describes himself as I AM. He cannot say further because the Divine is everything. We can identify strongly with our profession and say I am a doctor but the Divine within knows that this is merely a thought and stops merely at I AM.

We are like water in cups. When the cup is filled from a bucket, we call it birth. When it is emptied into a bucket we call it death. The cup is a ‘cup’ only because there is water to contain. If there is no water to contain, we have to call it another name for we have to find another purpose for this ‘container’. If we see ourselves as the cup, birth and death exist. But if we see ourselves as the water, there is no birth and death, but merely the changing of forms. Also, there is no separation between one cup and another because they contain the same water.

When we take the position that we are outside this world of duality and are merely interacting with this world of duality through our minds and body, we begin to experience bliss and joy. We cultivate this experience through meditation. By observing the bliss that arises when we rest in pure consciousness, we begin to enjoy this world. Once we truly know that we are not caught in this world, we are free.

Once I received an email showing a picture of a young man and the mail mentioned that he is Babaji Nagaraj. Thoughts came flooding in my mind. Is it really true? How could it be true? Then I stopped because I realised that it does not matter whether it is true or not. Babaji is the manifestation of the Divine; the One in All; the I AM. He is the image I hold to represent the Divine. Others can choose the image of a Buddha, the Goddess of Great Compassion, the Christ or any other images to represent the Divinity in all. In some of my dreams, Babaji appears as in the picture depicted in the Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramhansa Yogananda. In other occasions, he appears in other forms in my dream. Intuitively, I felt that the person in my dreams was Babaji; but I cannot be certain.

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