Positive and Negative Energies

By Desmond Yeoh SC

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Our thoughts are a form of energy. They do not just stay in our head but are radiated out into the environment as energy fields. According to Rudra Shivananda, the peaceful energy left behind by saints can stay in a particular place for decades or even centuries. That is why it is worthwhile to visit places where famous meditators used to practice in.

Just like positive energies, negative energies are also left behind. If we go to a place where some others had just had a heated argument, we will inevitably start to feel angry or irritable. Just notice how everyone seem to turn into little monsters when stuck in a traffic jam. The negative energies initially disrupt our Energy Body which then adversely affect our Emotional and Mental Bodies.

Because of the stressful state of humanity today, most of the places we go to on a daily basis are filled predominately with negative energies. Unless we live in the forest or in some other remote areas, it is difficult to avoid picking up negative energies. This is why we need to do our spiritual practices on a daily basis to cleanse away the negative energies from our Energy, Emotional and Mental Bodies. The Kriya Yoga and Shakti Healing techniques are especially effective for this purpose.

It is important to cleanse ourselves of the negative energies we pick up on a daily basis before they take hold in us and becomes a habitual emotional and thinking pattern which reinforces itself.

Before with bathe, we feel dirty and uncomfortable, but after bathing, we feel clean and refreshed. This itself is a motivation for us to bathe frequently. Similarly, we can learn to observe our mental and emotional state before and after our spiritual practice. Although the difference may not be as clear as the bathing, there would be a noticeable difference. Observing this difference can provide us with the same motivation to practice frequently and on a daily basis. Having no time will no longer be an excuse. We always have time to bathe no matter what.

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