Mind over Karma

By Desmond Yeoh SC

Mind over karma

In his book, ‘Never Fear Cancer Again[1]’, Raymond Francis shared some stories which demonstrate how our thinking patterns can either help us transcend our negative karma or cause it to fully ripen.

His brother Bernie was diagnosed with inoperable prostate cancer that had metastasized to his lymphatic system. Once cancer has metastasized, conventional treatments have a success rate of less than 1 percent, and some researchers believe the true success rate to be zero. Bernie saw how his brother Raymond managed to turn his own health around from a point where modern medicine had already given up on him. Bernie trusted Raymond’s advice on reversing cancer and followed them religiously. Bernie eventually managed to put his cancer into remission. This perplexed his doctors, who referred to it as nothing less than a miracle.

We would think that this example is enough to convince most people to try out this proven approach to defeating cancer. But this is not so. Humanity’s karmic tendency to blindly trust modern medicine is heavy indeed. After his recovery Bernie tried to help five of his friends who were diagnosed with cancer. All five rejected his advice and chose the path of conventional medicine. All five did not survive. One of them was his best friend, Dan. Bernie visited Dan in the hospital as he was dying. Dan took Bernie by the hand, looked him in the eye and said, “Well, your way worked and mine didn’t”. Dan died a few days later.

Bernie also tried to help a neighbour who was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Bernie spent two hours talking to him and he was initially receptive of Bernie’s approach. Bernie promised to provide a package of information for him to follow. Before he could do so, the neighbour’s wife called Bernie and thanked him for his time but told him that they only believe in modern medicine and asked him to please never again speak to her husband about such matters.

All these people could have survived cancer but they were conditioned to blindly trust modern medicine even when they knew of the high failure rate. Their mental conditioning enabled their karma to fully ripen. They willingly suffered through conventional treatments which can be devastating and painful.

Fortunately, there were some who could overcome their mental conditioning and trusted the approach laid out by Raymond Francis[2]. Raymond has helped hundreds of patients to reverse cancer. One such person is Leroy. LeRoy was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and went through eight months of chemotherapy. His cancer went into remission. Unfortunately, as usual with chemotherapy, the cancer came back and metastasised. The doctors found lesions in his neck and chest, and a large one in his abdomen. More chemotherapy was recommended. Leroy knew this to be pointless and did his own research which led him to Raymond’s first book, ‘Never be Sick Again’[3]. He called Raymond for guidance and put into practice the recommendations given by Raymond. In his subsequent check-up, the doctors were surprised to find that the lesions had either reduced or disappeared completely.

Leroy’s bad eating and living habits was the karma that caused him to develop cancer but his receptiveness to Raymond’s advice was the karma that enable him to reverse the cancer. This demonstrate the importance of observing or witnessing our thinking patterns in an unbiased manner in order to understand them. Our thinking patterns and conditioning are the major determinants of our fate or karma. We often see karma as external circumstances that happens to us and is beyond our control. This is just not true. We cannot just pray to the Divine and sit back and not do anything. We need to meditate and contemplate on our thoughts to identify the conditioning that contributes to our predicament. Only then can we be masters of our life.


[1] The book can be downloaded from PDFdrive.

[2] A 1988 study in the International Journal of Biosocial Research by Dr. Harold Foster is consistent with Raymond’s approach. When cancer goes away without medical treatment, such cures are called “spontaneous remission.” Foster studied 200 cases of spontaneous remission and found that almost 90 percent of these people had made major changes to their diet, and the remainder had undergone detoxification or supplement programs. Modern medicine does not look further into this simply because there is just no monetary incentive to do so.

 [3] Raymond wrote, “In addition, chemotherapy does something else that you should know about. It kills only the cancer cells that are the most susceptible to the drug. The tumor shrinks, and your doctors declare success. However, the cancer cells that are more drug resistant don’t die. They continue to multiply and the cancer comes roaring back. This makes shrinking the tumor a second or third time much more difficult, and even impossible, because the tumor is now made of drug-resistant cancer cells. In almost all cases, conventional treatments actually make matters worse and work against your long-term recovery. Conventional medicine has little to offer the cancer patient except high costs, pain, and perhaps a few additional weeks of miserable, low-quality life—yet doctors are telling us it is effective”.

“Chemotherapy drugs are some of the most powerful carcinogens known, and according to Dr. Samuel Epstein, as recorded in the Congressional Record of September 9, 1997, chemotherapy and radiation can increase the risk of developing a second cancer by up to 100 times”.


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