Exercise 3 – Observing our emotions

From our e-book “Filling our Life with Celebration”

We can change our destiny if we can

1. Sit comfortably with your back straight

2. Observe your body; move your mind over the different parts of your body and relax the muscles that are tense

3. Focus on your breath.

4. For the purpose of this exercise, if we are lucky, some negative thought may arise and trigger a negative emotion. If this does not happen, do not force it; take the opportunity relax in the inner peace of neutrality

5. As the negative emotion arise, continue to focus on your breathing while observing the sensations of the negative emotion in your chest area. Is it hard or soft? Where is the emotion residing in your chest area? Is it continuous or does it rise and fade? If it rise and fade; at what pace? How are the other parts of your body affected?

6. Observe how the emotions tend to fade on its own as you shine your awareness on it

7. Observe how your thoughts are influenced as well. At first, the negative thoughts that fuel the negative emotions may come in quick successions, building strength as the negative emotions build up. But by observing the negative emotions, you have shifted to reverse gear. The emotions lose strength and so does the negative thoughts.

Take the opportunity to practice this with boredom. You will be surprised how the feeling of boredom can change to inner-peace with this practice.

After practicing the technique for at least two weeks, start applying it to your daily life. Use your awareness to observe the various emotions that arise within you. With observation comes understanding and with understanding comes mastery. We can only address a problem if we are aware of their existence.

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