We are Love

From our e-book “We are Here to Celebrate”

baby sleeping on white cotton

A child’s life is filled with love. Everything that she knows or cares about is love; the tenderness in her parents’ eyes, their caresses, hugs and kisses, and soft lullabies. Babies radiate love. One look into their eyes and we can feel their love. Be present with them when they are asleep and we can feel the peace they radiate. When you come into their awareness, you become part of their identity. They love you as much as they love themselves.

As we grow up, we begin to suspend the feeling of love to make way for negative emotions such as anger, craving, jealousy etc. We begin to lose this habit of feeling love and develop the habit of suppressing our true nature which is Love. We are encouraged to radiate loving kindness during our meditation practices but unfortunately, when we come out of our meditation and get back to our daily life, we cease to do so.

But life is not meant to be lived this way. If we can develop the habit of suppressing our true nature, which is Love, we can redevelop the habit of staying in love all the time. When you are with your loved one, especially children, feel the love. Truly be with your children. Breathe. Radiate your love for them and feel their love for you. Watch movies or read books which ignite the feeling of love in your heart. Relive loving memories. Slowly but surely, we can find ourselves again.

Once I asked a friend to share with me a cherished memory from her childhood. She told me that when she was young, her family was very poor and sometimes, they just managed to get by. In her younger days, she loved a particular brand of chicken biscuits which was relatively expensive. Whenever she asked her father for the biscuits, her father would never say no to her. Somehow, he will always find the money to get it for her. Our precious memories are always that of love. Love is what we are.

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