From our e-book ” We are Here to Celebrate”

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In the process of understanding the Self through awareness, we must not expect anything. We welcome every experience because they provide the opportunity to understand our various beliefs, conditioning, self-image and the emotions they arouse in us. That is why Spiritual Masters call upon us to develop an attitude of equanimity.

Being with  someone who easily arouses our anger provides more learning opportunities that being with someone we like. Don’t worry; I am not saying that we should go all out to be with the people we are adverse to. We should just recognise the opportunities for growth which are available to us when we are with them.

The Masters taught that we should not try to control our thoughts but rather, merely maintain awareness of them. When a negative thought arises, there is no need to brush it aside as it will create conflict. Instead, look at it to try to understand its cause; which is a conditioning that you cling on to.

Nothing is purely good or bad. In reality, nothing is clearly good or bad; right or wrong. Playing with ideas in one’s head causes conflict and is a useless exercise. Merely listening to our thoughts with interest and awareness is much easier and effective compared to trying to change one’s personality and way of thinking.

With awareness, one’s way of thinking changes on its own. It is an indirect benefit just like Siddhis or physic powers are mere indirect benefits of our constant practice, not benefits which we intentionally seek after.


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