From our e-book “We are Here to Celebrate”

This world of duality promotes ‘unconsciousness’. Watch a movie and one’s mind will become restless. Try meditating after you watch an action-packed movie and you will know the negative effects it has on your awareness.

So, what do we do? We avoid external factors which hampers our awareness. We involve ourselves in peaceful pastimes such as visits to the parks, beaches, lakes etc. We make meditation an enjoyable pastime. Since I learnt to truly meditate, I have never felt bored. How could I? Any free time is an opportunity to meditate.

When the body is tired, we lose our awareness more easily. Negative thoughts and emotions tend to flood us. It is a habitual pattern. At such times, instead of looking for things to distract us from our thoughts, take the opportunity to meditate and look at those thoughts. We seek to understand them so that they will no longer have a strong hold on us.

Inner peace is one of the foundations of happiness. We have inner-peace when we cease to identify with the fluctuations in our consciousness; when we cultivate the Witness perspective. Excitement, which we often mistake for happiness, is not happiness. It is a form of fluctuation in our consciousness. Stop striving for the ego and strive for peace.

babajiStrive for communion with Babaji. Let go of this need to be special. Maintain peace of mind and find self-realization. Don’t get distracted by petty thoughts and petty adventures. Live in the present, one day at a time. Let go of all your hopes and dreams. Let go of all the expectations you have about what is necessary for a happy life. Just be happy with what you are and have today.

There is no need to make sense of this life. There is no other life purpose apart from being happy…NOW. Happiness is something that no one can strive for. You cannot get a university degree on happiness. Happiness arises naturally. If you are present, you may catch the bliss that arises naturally from time to time. Happiness is a state of being. When we fall in love, we get a glimpse of true happiness because we forget ourselves. Suddenly, our past and future does not matter, as long as we are with our loved one. When we are with our loved one, we are absorbed in the present moment.

Happiness can only be found within; behind the veil of our egos. So, when one goes around searching for happiness and try out different combinations of external factors (family, career, friendship etc) to get happiness, the goal is often elusive.

If we analyse our daily lives, we will find that approximately 90% of the time the external events happening to us is neutral, that is, they are neither good nor bad. We have the opportunity to convert this ‘neutral periods’ into periods of joy and happiness by being aware and conscious of our every thought, speech and action. When we are aware, at that very moment, we are identified with the Divinity within us and not with are ego. Our intuition speaks louder and our actions are guided for our greatest good.

Once upon attaining enlightenment, a Spiritual Master spontaneously expressed his realization, “joy at last to find that there is no happiness in this world”. Happiness lies within, in the mind and it is lasting only when we are one with God, the cosmic consciousness which is timeless, deathless and ever joyful. I am not saying that this world is filled with suffering. The world is how we choose to see it. Heaven and hell is here on earth. We are in heaven when we identify with the Divine. We are in hell when we are overwhelmed by our negative emotions. Some may be so identified by external events that when a friend walks pass without acknowledging him, he feels devastated. He thinks that his friend is unhappy with him when in reality, his friend was merely distracted by his own thoughts. That is a hell created by his mind.

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