It is Better

It is Better….

By Desmond Yeoh SC

Ceramic Products Manufacturer in Malaysia

Ceramic Products

It is better to have two strong legs than a sports car.

It is better to return to a loving home than a big house.

It is better to have healthy eyes than the opportunity to travel the world.

It is better to be able to sleep well than have a big comfortable bed.

It is better to be healthy than to sacrifice our health to earn money to set aside for future medical bills.

It is better to have a Spiritual Master we can rely on than all the treasures in the world; A Spiritual Master can give us peace of mind; Worldly treasures can only guarantee craving, fear and worry.

It would be heaven on earth if we can overcome our human conditioning of craving for more and worrying about losing what we already have.

If we are willing to set aside this human conditioning for just one moment, we will realise that we have every reason to rejoice!

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