Imaginary Future Happiness

Imaginary Future Happiness

By Desmond Yeoh

Ceramic Products Manufacturer in Malaysia

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In my first book, ‘We are here to Celebrate’, I discussed about the concept of ‘imaginary future happiness’. Briefly, it is our habit of chasing after a picture that we have about the happiness that we will gain in the future. However, we chase after that dream at the expense of our current happiness. Sadly, we never arrive at that imaginary future happiness because it keeps getting pushed forward. Because we do not know how to find real happiness in the present moment, we cling to our dreams of happiness in the future with the hope that we will eventually discover how to be happy then.

Just to be clear; I am not advocating a carefree life without saving for our future. At the same time, it is also unwise to deprive ourselves in saving for our future to the extent that we realise on our deathbed that we have not truly lived the life we wanted. There must be a balance and everyone must determine the right balance for oneself.

We can also see this happening in our spiritual life. Often, people will ask me what type of spiritual experiences and how quickly they can get them from the Yoga seminars I help to organise. Never have I been asked, if one can find happiness from those spiritual practices. The second question is more important that the first. The journey must be enjoyable to give us strength to reach the destination. Learn to enjoy the journey and the path itself will become the destination.

Everyone seems to be concerned about being reborn in heaven and getting enlightened that they forget what is more important; finding happiness NOW. Our spiritual practices can be said to be effective only if they can bring us happiness in the present moment by infusing our life with wisdom, awareness and strength. If we can take care of our present moment, our future will take care of itself. This is what karma is really about.

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