Habits that bring Happiness

From our e-book “Filling our Life with Celebration”

awareness and wisdom

In my previous book, ‘We are Here to Celebrate!’, we discussed about the nature of thoughts that cause negative emotions and mental suffering. In this book, we will discuss about the causes and habits that contributes to our happiness. These positive habits will act as the antidote against negative thoughts and thus will remove the causes of suffering as well.

In this book, we will learn to use two weapons to protect ourselves from negative thoughts and emotions. One is the shield of awareness and the other is the sword of wisdom. With the shield of awareness, we shine the light of our awareness on our negative thoughts and emotions and thus weakening their effects and with the sword of wisdom, we counteract the negative habits that we have developed with positive habits and thoughts.

This is the basis of all spiritual practices. That is why we should view our spiritual practices as a journey. As we progress, our ability to use these weapons will gradually improve and we will live happier lives. The following pages (in the book) cover the habits that we can inculcate. They are actions we can take to bring more happiness into our lives, and the great thing about habits are that we get better at it overtime and eventually, doing them becomes effortless; that is when they truly become habits.

The habits shared in this book are those that I found to have made positive changes in my life. I view them as spiritual practices because they bring be inner-peace and ease. May these habits do the same for you.


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