A Doctor’s Fight against his Cancer Cure Cover-up

By Desmond Yeoh SC

Dr BurzynskiIn 1976 Dr. Burzynski discovered a strain of peptides (Antineoplaston) which were present in healthy individuals but lacking in those who suffered from cancer. He was so successful in treating many cancer patients with Antineoplaston that in 1996, he submitted 40 of his success stories to the Texas Medical Board for review. We would expect this to be hailed as the discovery of the millennia and for Dr. Burzynski to win the Nobel Prize in Medicine for this but instead, 2 years later, the Board tried to revoke his Medical License! The Board took him to court but Dr. Burzynski was found not guilty of any crime.

This was not the end of his nightmare. The FDA took him to court more than five times but failed to make the charges stick. Many of his patients came to his defence and testified for him. They were angry at the FDA for using their tax dollars to systematically abuse Dr. Burzynski and try to put him out of business.

Dr. Burzynski had to endure these court cases and numerous raids by FDA. The establishment poured money into smear campaigns on social medias in the attempt to discredit him. One of his patients asked him why he is willing to endure all of this and his answer was simple; he had to in order to save lives.

I had a close friend who had brain cancer and died from conventional treatments. It is unfortunately that I did not discover this story and shared it with him in time. I pray that this story reach as many people as possible so I hope that you will help to share it.

Here is the documentary which tells about Dr. Burzynski’s heroic fight against the FDA.

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