Shakti Healing

Shakti Healing

By Rudra Shivananda

(From his December 2012 Sanatana Mitra Journal)


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Everyone is constantly looking for the better or best healing methodology because we all get sick at some time or the other and we want to feel better all the time.

Some look to the modern medical infrastructure to get the newest wonder drug to eliminate whatever they are suffering from while others run after the latest alternative healing modality. Energy healing has become an important part of alternative remedies especially with the popularization of Reiki and Pranic Healing over the last 20 years.

I had experimented with various energetic healing systems and was working with other compassionate souls in the San Francisco area during the early 1990’s to help those suffering from serious and terminal illnesses. Although we were able to help somewhat and ease the pain of many of those we visited I was very dissatisfied with the overall lack of results from our healing efforts. The very few who were healed seemed to me to have done so from their own will and optimism and with minimal help from others. There was little correlation between our efforts and the resulting healing rate.

One of the limitations that I discovered early on was that the spiritual state of the healer had a strong impact on the amount of energy that could be channeled for healing. A spiritual practitioner who was initiated into various healing systems and taught the appropriate techniques seemed to be much more effective in energy healing than one who had no previous spiritual practice. This can be attributed to the more refined and expanded energy body of the practitioner.

A second limitation was the source of the energy. It was easily discovered that those who tried to use their own life-force or pranic energy would soon get exhausted versus those who were trying to channel the universal life force energy.

Another limitation that I encountered was that the ego-centric healer would often be ineffective and may actually pick up negative energy as a result of the healing attempt. Even though in most of the systems, the healer needs to put himself in a mode of being a channel for the universal energy, it was nearly impossible for him not to become involved emotionally or otherwise with the outcome of the healing. Dispassion does not come easily to a healer!

My search for a more effective healing system turned towards the Himalayan tradition of India from which most of the modern systems had directly or indirectly borrowed and in a strange turn, I discovered that my spiritual Master, Yogiraj Siddhanath, was also the Master of the ancient healing modalities of India. He has formulated a unique system called Shakti Healing based on these ancient techniques utilizing the energy of the Sun and of the Universal Mother.

It was immediately apparent that the Shakti system solved the energy source limitation because it was calling upon the highest energy source there is – the Cosmic Mother energy which is beyond all the other 6 levels of energy sources beginning with the personal prana. The Shakti energy is invoked by the power of ancient mantras in the divine Sanskrit language together with the appropriate yantras visualized as temporary gateway and receptacle.

The techniques in the Shakti system are powerful but easily learned, making them effective even for those without prior experience in such things. There are also a variety of techniques to target the physical, energetic, emotional, mental and karmic distress of the sufferer.

Another positive aspect of the Shakti system is the emphasis on self-healing versus healing others. This is a solution to the channeling limitation of someone who has not yet achieved Self-Realization. The greatest benefit from self-healing is that if someone who is suffering from a particular malady makes the effort to apply the techniques, the healing effect is multiplied many times! This is because the cause of all maladies is one’s own bad Karma, which in turn is caused by one’s own actions in the past. The most effective cure is therefore to overcome the Karmic cause by one’s own healing actions in the present.

Even those who are not in distress in the present will benefit by practicing the self-healing techniques because they will remove the future cause of maladies – a preventive maintenance program.

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