Power of Intention

From our e-book “We are Here to Celebrate”

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As I was writing “We are Here to Celebrate”, I used myself as the subject of observation to understand the workings of negative thoughts and emotions so that I could articulate them more clearly. In that process, I learnt an important aspect of awareness which I practiced in the background but did not notice its importance until I then.

Because as I was writing the book, I had the INTENTION of understanding how negative thoughts and emotions arise. With the INTENTION of understanding them, the negative emotions tend to fade away very quickly. Of course, since I wanted to understand the negative emotions and the thoughts that give rise to them, I did not intend for the negative emotions to fade away so quickly. The point is, with the INTENTION of understanding the ‘Self’, my awareness was stronger and brighter. That is why the negative emotions faded away very quickly.

So, the process of being conscious in our daily lives involves the combination of awareness, breath and the intention to understand the Self. My respected readers, to create the ‘intention to understand’, I encourage you to keep a Spiritual Diary. Whenever negative emotions arise, go to your Spiritual Diary and write down your understanding of them. Write down the entire process of how the negative emotions arose and grew in intensity; describe in detail the negative thoughts, where and how the negative emotion was felt and the feelings in the body.

Once in a moment of inspiration, I sent out an SMS to my friends, “Keep a Spiritual Diary. Babaji will communicate with you through it.” I meant it.

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