Sadguru Sri Sharavana Baba

Sadguru Sri Sharavana Baba

By Desmond Yeoh Seng Cheong

Ceramic Products Manufacturer in MalaysiaCeramic Products Manufacturer in Malaysia

“When you pray to God, only pray for Wisdom and Strength!” – Sadguru Sri Sharavana Baba

Swami Murali Krishna or more popularly known as Sadguru Sri Sharavana Baba or simply, Babaji, was born in 1979 in the village of Srikrishnapuram in Palakkad district of Kerala State, South India. His divine nature could be seen even when he was just a baby; snakes could sometimes be found in his crib, protecting him from harm. As he was born in poverty, he had to help his family by begging for alms. Unknown to his parents, he would sometimes give away some of his alms to others who are in greater need[1].

In his book, ‘The Global Mission of Sadguru Sharavana Baba’, Professor Ramnath Narayanswamy wrote:

I met Sadguru Murali Krishna for the first time on 28 July 2007 when He had come to inaugurate the establishment of Bangalore Ashram. The late Sri Ravindran had gifted Him an acre of lush virgin land with a lot of fruit, coconut and teak trees…..

I had heard of Swamiji for the past two years from my close friend Sri Gokul Raj. Ever since I heard of Him, I had entertained no doubts of his divinity. There were no doubts at all. Inexplicably, I knew in my heart that He was a self-realized master and that I was destined to see Him….

I met him that day in the evening. He looked regal and majestic. He had a beautiful and captivating smile and it seemed to be there almost all the time. When I came near him, I clutched both his feet in desperation and muttered in Tamil, “Swamiji, you must save me!” He was as I have always come to know him since that date, calm, purposeful and every firmly grounded in a state of divine exaltation. I could not control myself. I broke down and cried without feeling any sense of shame or restraint. With tears streaming down my face, I told him again, “Only you can save me!”

……Then he asked me to come a little nearer to Him, which I did. He then whispered an incident that had occurred in my past (almost twenty years earlier) which was known only to my wife and a few of my friends. This was no big dark secret. It was a very painful episode in my life. He explained the significance of what had transpired in my life then in terms that I found completely astonishing and revelatory. Years of ignorance and darkness gave way to effulgence and luminosity. In one mighty stroke, he made me aware of His divinity and His omniscience! He made it very clear to me that He was my Guru and from the very first day, He spoke to me authoritatively like a Guru does to a sishya or disciple. It was at that precise moment that I became profoundly and deeply conscious of the fact that I had met my Guru! I knew I had arrived at my destination. There was nothing more to be accomplished in this respect.

They met again a few days later and Babaji said to Ramnath (who is a University Professor), “People tell me that you love your students just as much as you love your children. Is that true?” Ramnath remained silent and Babaji continued, “There are a lot of children in this world who are suffering because they do not have a father, mother or Guru. You will be responsible for bringing such children to me and I will heal them. I will give you a lot of work to do and you must complete that work”.

Then he suddenly hit Ramnath’s chest and continued, “ I will take care of your body and you take care of My Word”.


My meeting with Babaji

Ceramic Products Manufacturer in Malaysia

Ceramic Products

Babaji visited Malaysia in June 2012. I have never heard about him when my friend mentioned about a satsang with Babaji later that evening. We did not expect to be able to attend as both of us were to attend a meeting which we expected to carry on late into the night. However, to our pleasant surprise, the meeting went on smoothly and was concluded early. We decided to take the opportunity to attend the event.

When Babaji walked into the event hall, I was struck by the divine glow radiating from him that was very refreshing. I could not take my eyes off his face that carried a captivating smile. The entire event was held in Tamil which I could not understand but I felt very lucky because I could stay focused on my emotions without the interference of my mind. Throughout the event, I just stared at him, enjoying the peace that was radiating from him. I felt like I was in the presence of the Divine Mother although he is known as the avatar of Lord Muruga.

During the event, he walked around the hall to bless the participants. When he reached me, he touched my head and held my hands. I felt completely at peace. After he walked away, I could feel movements at the top of my head or crown chakra. It lasted for a few minutes. I felt this only once before but it was only momentary but this time, it lasted much longer and it certainly took me by surprise. I could feel the movement every time I looked at Babaji. When I shifted my eyes away, the movements stopped but when I looked at Babaji, the movements commenced again. I shifted my line of sight a few times to test this. I found it fascinating.

A strange thought came to me. It could have been my own imagination but I heard Mahavatar Babaji said to me, “In the past, you have asked to see me in my physical form. See Him as me”. Deep within, I felt like I was in the presence of the Divine Mother. Swamiji must have sensed this because a few days later when I went to see him for a personal blessing, he touched his hands to his heart and said “prem”, which meant love. To me, the Divine Mother represents love.

I enjoyed myself so much that I attended two more satsangs with Babaji. The third gathering was a private event and I was lucky to get invited because while I was talking to a new friend I just met there, the organiser came up to him to invite him to the private event as he happen to be a reporter from the New Straits Times. Because I was standing next to him, he turned to me and asked me to come along. At the three events, I stayed passed midnight because there were huge crowds at the events and Babaji made sure that he gave personal blessings to everyone there.

During the personal blessings, he would tell the devotees something that they need to know. One participant shared with me that she was surprised that Babaji knew about the specific problem she was facing and gave her the assurance that everything would turn out fine.

On the second day, I was talking to a new friend about Kriya Yoga. Miraculously, when he approached Babaji for a blessing, Babaji said to him that He was happy that we were talking about Kriya Yoga!

On the third day, I had the opportunity to speak to one of the organisers of the event. He told me that Babaji took off a flower garland that he had on Him and gave it to the organiser’s young daughter in the morning. His daughter wore it the whole time and by evening, he was surprised to note that the flower garland had lengthened! My reporter friend was there during the conversation and he commented that he had met many masters and the only other master that he heard of a similar miracle was Satya Sai Baba.

Sadguru Sri Sharavana Baba or Babaji has devoted his life to feeding the poor and needy, providing quality healthcare to people in the rural and semi-urban areas, providing clothing and shelter to the underprivileged and providing education to children who cannot afford formal education. He also seeks to provide free housing to widows and destitutes. His aim is for the women to be provided with employment opportunities so that they can regain they dignity and joy.

Babaji’s mission to bring spiritual teachings to the world and at the same time, help the poor and destitute is certainly inspiring. I am sure that we will be hearing more about him in the years to come.


Link to Babaji’s Videos

[1] Source: The Global Mission of Sadguru Sharavana Baba by Ramnath Narayanswamy.

6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. sivasankaran munusamy
    Sep 14, 2013 @ 19:58:14

    Om sharavanabhava
    Mr.yeoh I had stumbled into this site by chance and god it made me happy, infact I met sharavana Babaji in England in the year 2009, and invited babaji to my humble home , here banaji asked me if I will bring to Malaysia and with a secound thought I said yes . With the help of my family members such as Major Mani who is the present precident of sharavanababa seva sangam malaysis and Lots more all over Malaysia it was made posible to have babaji in Malaysia for the past 3 years and babqji is coming again on the 20 sept 13 for 10 days blessing tour of Malaysia don, t miss him Mr.Yeoh, I think I have met you in one of babajis programs , this year I
    am unable to join because of work but my wife will be with babaji.

    Be blessed for spreding the holy words of babqji.

    Love being the only language of the universe


  2. g.sivasuthan
    Sep 15, 2013 @ 22:29:24

    Om saravana bhava..he is god…


  3. babu sadanand
    Sep 16, 2013 @ 15:00:57

    I wish to get blessings of Babaji.
    When he come to Dubai, kindly let me know
    I am from Calicut, I understand Babaji has an ashram there.
    Kindly let me know when he is available there so that if God
    permit I wish to get his blessings.
    Ohm Sharavana Bhava !

    With Pranams at his divine feet
    Babu Sadanand


  4. Chandra Mogan Chinniah
    Sep 27, 2013 @ 00:59:28

    I met and received his holiness Sadguru Sharavana Baba’s blessings at Brickfields Kalamandabam yesterday (thursday-auspicious day for guru bhagavan) and realized that I have met the GURU i have been seeking for all this while.OM SHARAVANA BHAVA..OM SHARAVANA BHAVA..OM SHARAVANA BHAVA


  5. lalitha krishnan
    Dec 24, 2017 @ 15:01:02

    Om sharavana bhava…he is my guru..since i meet him in malaysia is already 5 yrs…


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