Who should we believe?

From our e-book “We are Here to Celebrate”

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There as so many different teachings from different spiritual masters that the masses become very confused. That is why many choose to just stick to a certain set of beliefs and reject everything that contradicts it.  They will not even question why after so many decades of practice, there is very little improvement in their wisdom and emotional well-being.

This begs the question; does it really matter who is right? Does it matter if God is a separate being or the cosmic intelligence which forms our very core? Does it matter if there is heaven or hell, or if we are already in heaven or hell depending on how we live our life? Our  goal to is to be happy but because our moments of happiness seems to be the exception rather than the rule, we project happiness into our future by picturing ourselves owning everything that we want, our children being VIPs and other events that we think will bring us happiness.

But we must remember that this ‘imaginary happiness’ is not real and means very little to our current state of mind. Most of us would agree that our state of mind will determine how we react to events that happen to us and therefore, determine our emotional well-being. We know this but still, negative thoughts and emotions are so overwhelming that we are helpless when they arise.

Therefore, spiritual wisdom and practices must improve our ability to understand ourselves and embrace our negative thoughts and emotions. We must learn to differentiate between spiritual knowledge and wisdom. Knowledge does little to remove our conditioning and limiting beliefs. Wisdom, on the other hand, shakes us hard and removes the conditioning and beliefs that limit us. Wisdom gives us the ability to acknowledge our negative habits and even if it does not remove those habits, it has put us in the position to see them every time they arise and eventually, those habits will lose their hold on us.

The belief of “no pain, no gain’ or ‘we need to work hard to be successful’ has created numerous workaholics. But then, Deepak Chopra came out with the ‘principle of least effort’. He explains that by doing less, we can achieve more because by allowing ourselves more personal time, we allow our intuition and creativity to help us and the entire universe will move to help us achieve our goals.

Wisdom gives us courage to stand on our own two feet. It gives us strength to take full responsibility for our circumstances and to face them in such a way that we come out stronger. We cannot expect the Divine to protect us from negative events because without suffering, there will be very little growth. But the wisdom that we gain from our practices will help us make the right choices and give strength to our loved ones.

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