Finding the Inner-Guru

From our e-book “We are Here to Celebrate”

rudrashivanandainlilleoruRudra Shivananda once advised me to trust in my intuition as it is guided by the Divine. Everyone is. That got me thinking about the word intuition. I realised that I do not know what the word means. Questions ran through my mind: Is it my thoughts, feelings or some magical combination of both? The more I thought about it, the more confused I got.
I know this as a fact; whenever we have any question about the Divine, the answer will come one way or the other; effortlessly.

A few days later, I stumbled on a book by Osho entitled ‘Intuition; knowing beyond logic’.Osho stated that the role of the outer guru is to help one find one’s inner guru. Once this is done, the role of the outer guru is done. The inner guru is our intuition. Our intuition is beyond our minds and therefore, it cannot be thought about or explained. Our intuition is a knowing that arises naturally, just like instinct. Knowledge is of the mind but intuition is beyond the mind.

Spiritual insights arise from intuition. When something arises from our intuition, there is an emotional release. Once I was angered by a problem at work. Suddenly, in the middle of my anger, a thought came to me, “your emotional reaction to this problem indicates what you could have done in the past that brought you this problem”. I saw the workings of karma and realised that I have a choice; allow the seed to strengthen or to end it then and there. I immediately felt an emotional release. This gave me a glimpse of how intuition arises.

Osho advised that to strengthen our intuition, we should focus our awareness on our emotions. Most of the time, we are so caught up with our thoughts that we ignore our feelings. If one pay attention to one’s emotions, one will realise that one’s emotions fluctuates throughout the day. One may be feeling joyful one moment and the next moment, one may be feeling sad.

Our feelings were not taught to us. We need not be taught how to feel happy or sad; excited or fearful. As such, our emotions are straight forward. Our thoughts may be filled with doubts but our emotions are very clear. So, it is better to trust our emotions. Our emotions reflect our thoughts. One causes the other and vice versa. By constantly observing our emotions, we are in a better position to evaluate if a thought came from our intellect or our intuition. By listening to our emotions, we are brought closer to our inner-guru, which speaks to us through our intuition.

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