Exercise 1 – Understanding our thoughts

From our e-book “Filling our Life with Celebration”

Reading books consistent with our beliefs

1. Sit comfortably with your back straight.

2. Observe your body; move your mind over the different parts of your body and relax the muscles that are tense.

3. Focus on your breath. This is one of the tools to influence your emotion.

4. As you breathe, observe the thoughts that arise in your mind. Observe how the thoughts arise due to external stimuli outside your control. Accept that you do not control your thoughts but enjoy this new found freedom of letting go. Let go of the need to control your thoughts.

5. Your awareness is your Guru. Observe your own thoughts. How do your thoughts and habits bring suffering to you? Smile at these thoughts like you would smile to a small complaining child. These thoughts are not permanently ingrained in your brains. As you observe them, they will lose their power over you.

6. See that your thoughts do not have such a strong hold over you as you initially thought. Merely by observing them, they become weak and malleable. You can influence them to bring more happiness to your daily life; your present moment.

7. In between your thoughts, there are gaps; moments of silence. They may be short at first but after a while, they become more frequent and longer. Rest in these moments of silence and clarity.

Feel what it like to be a baby again; free from mental chatter.

Enjoy the silence. Enjoy the bliss.

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