Clinging to suffering

From our e-book “We are Here to Celebrate”

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Diana views life as filled with suffering and in her view, she will just get by day after day the best she can until her last day. She holds on to the belief that life is filled with suffering. She enjoys watching dramas depicting suffering and it seems like she watches the show to confirm her belief. She attracts people with problems to her. If she is able to listen to them emphatically, then it is fine but listening to their problems leaves her feeling depressed. When she is with her other friends, she shares these sad stories with them. Over time, her friends start to avoid her because conversations with her drain them of energy.

Diana’s belief is not uncommon. After all, all religions talk about suffering. The first teaching the Buddha gave after he attained enlightenment was on the Four Noble Truth:
– Life is Suffering
– Suffering has its causes
– Cessation of suffering
– Path that leads to the cessation of suffering

Unfortunately, we tend to over-emphasize the first two lines and see enlightenment as a future goal to be attained later on in life or in our future lives. I must admit that I have the habit of thinking this way too. But all four lines or ‘truths’ are to be understood and practiced simultaneously. A simple way of practicing the Four Noble Truths is to understand that when there is awareness there is happiness and when it is absent, there is suffering.

We suffer when we live our life unconsciously. We can prevent ourselves from being thrown around by our random thoughts and emotions by maintaining the witness perspective. It is wrong to say that life now is suffering and happiness is some future event. No, both happens in the NOW depending on our state of awareness.

“You may explore heaven and hell, but you will have to come back to earth alone and realize what a charming place it is. It is here alone that you have an enviable school to train you. This life gives you scope to give your right hand to someone who does not know the clasp of friendship, to sing your sweetest song to another who has heard nothing but discord, to give your fairest roses to someone else, in whose life flowers have never bloomed and to scatter roses of joy freely over hearts that are gloomy and dark. The earth is your right, royal training ground, here to make you perfect.” – From The Voice of Babaji.

Life as a human being is to be savoured. We only have to live consciously; then whatever we need will be manifested. Live life joyfully. Be present. Laugh with life. Be at peace. Celebrate! We are not here to toil just to survive, pass the time and die. The Human Life is a celebration of its own. Enjoy every moment. Celebrate every moment. Live in love! See the divine in everything. See your daughter or son in every child. See the Divine Mother in every woman. See Babaji in every man. Learn from everyone and everything. Live in simplicity! We need little. We already have all that is necessary for happiness; consciousness.

Breathe and be one with GOD.

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