We are now more than 300 years into Dwapara Yuga

By Desmond Yeoh SC

Swami Sri Yukteswar wrote about the Yugas in ‘The Holy science’. He explained that we move through four distinct periods or Yugas over a period of 12,000 years. The 12,000-year period is referred to as “Daiva Yuga”. These periods are the Kali Yuga (the dark and materialistic age), Dwapara Yuga (the electrical or atomic age), Treta Yuga (the mental age) and Satya Yuga (the age of truth or enlightenment).

For a period of 12,000 years, humanity ascends from the Kali Yuga to the Satya Yuga. In the next 12,000 years, humanity descends from the Satya Yuga to the Kali Yuga. This adds up to 24,000 years, which is the time it takes our sun together with its planets to revolve around the Great Centre; called the Seat of Brahma. We are now in the Ascending Cycle whereby the consciousness of humanity is progressively improving.

The Kali Yuga last for 1,200 years, the Dwapara Yuga for 2,400 years, the Treta Yuga for 3,600 years and finally the Satya Yuga for 4,800 years; adding up to 12,000 years. The order then reverses in the next 12,000 years.

The diagram below, from The Holy Science, provides a graphical illustration of this ancient science:


In the Kali Yuga, the Dark Age, which humanity has already passed though, the human intellect is at its lowest and it cannot comprehend anything beyond the material plane. The Kali Yuga is when our Sun is at the furthers point away from the Seat of Brahma. There is practically no Dharma or spiritual understanding at all and as such, the world is immersed in suffering except for the few who are fortunate enough to meet with and be guided by enlightened beings.

Swami Sri Yukteswar cautioned that there are a few Hindu almanacs that are based on wrong annotation or calculations. Based on these almanacs, the Kali Yuga lasts for 432,000 years and we are therefore, still in the Kali Yuga stage. If that is true, humanity should not have discovered electricity, the electron microscope or the atomic bomb. Man should not have been able to split the atom. Unfortunately, this error has even found its way even into Wikipedia!

We moved into Dwapara Yuga in the year 1700. In this period, the human intellect would be evolved to be able to comprehend fine matters or electricity; hence the discovery of electricity and the atom. In 1720, Stephen Gray discovered the action of electricity on the human body. In 1729, he created the first electrical network along with many new discoveries. In 1831 electricity became viable for use in technology when Michael Faraday created the electric dynamo. In 1875 Alexander Graham Bell first invented a simple receiver that could turn electricity into sound and the Bell Telephone Company was created in 1877.

The period from 1700 to 1899 is the early part of Dwapara Yuga and is really a period of transition. The universe was fully into Dwapara Yuga in 1999/1900.  Coincidentally, electrons were discovered in 1897, which is near the end of the transitory period.

Paramahansa Yogananda said;

“Now in its ascendancy, this is the electrical age, even though it may yet seem very materialistic. If you think about it, you will see how man has progressed from comprehending only gross matter to understanding and harnessing the energy in matter. In this age, man will make great headway in the electrical or electromagnetic field of science”.

“The trouble in this second age [the current Dwapara age] is that there is not enough security, because science plays the part of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Man uses science not only to create and do good, but to destroy as well. Therefore, scientific development is not yet safe”.

In 2020, we would be 320 years into Dwapara Yuga. Dwapara Yuga will last for 2,400 years and the universe will then move to Treta Yuga.

In Treta Yuga, the human intellect will further progress to be able to understand the ‘divine magnetism’ which is the source of all electrical forces on which the creation depends for its existence.

In the Satya Yuga, the Golden Age, the human intellect would reach its full potential and will be able to comprehend everything including God; the Spirit beyond this visible would. This is because our sun, including earth, is at the point where it is closest to the Seat of Brahma. Our current understanding of God is very superficial. We see God as a separate being in Heaven dictating matters because we think that God must be somewhat like a king who rules the Universe. We think that God, like man, is capable of being angry or jealous. These are all plays of the limited human mind.

Most of humanity would be bound to this development which is based on time. However, there would be a few Great Masters who would transcend this and be able to understand everything even in Kali Yuga. History has shown this as the Buddha, Jesus and the founders of other great religions appeared during Kali Yuga. So have faith that even though we are just in the early part of Dwapara Yuga, it is still possible to attain full enlightenment within this lifetime. Paramahansa Yogananda explained;

“In the material age, the majority of mankind is materially minded. But you will also find those who are living ahead of their times, Christ like souls. In the mental and electrical ages, you will find predominant the mentalities characteristic of those yugas. At the same time, there are other mentalities — some that are more highly evolved, and others not yet as highly evolved. Thus in this electrical age you can find people who are still living in the stone age. There is always a balance: some who are living ahead and some who are living behind the age of civilization in which they are born. Through repeated incarnations, those of lesser development will gradually advance until they express the mentality of the age in which they reincarnate, and eventually, the qualities characteristic of the higher ages yet to come. The cycles of this world are like a see-saw going up and down. But when we hasten our evolution through right living and a spiritual technique such as Kriya Yoga, we live ahead of our time and can find freedom in God within this or only a few lifetimes”.


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