Outer Space Meditation

By Rudra Shivananda

sky space milky way stars

The following meditation based on ancient prescriptions from the Upanishads is a useful one to connect with one of the major cosmic building blocks of the universe – the space element or akasha.

There are two major ways to connect with the space element, first from an external perspective and second from an internal perspective. We are sometimes overwhelmed with our personal problems and lose touch with our larger nature. This meditation helps to put things in its proper perspective as we learn to connect with the underlying ground of the dynamic universe and begin to integrate our lower and higher natures.


1. Sit comfortably and firmly with the least amount of movement. Focus on your breath and let the body be still.

2. After a few minutes, let go of your breath and become aware of the still body again. Let your awareness float to the top of the head and look down on your face, the front, back, left side, and right side of the still body. Look at the clothes you are wearing.

3. Next, float to the ceiling of your room and become aware of your position in the room, as well as the rest of the room’s contents. Look at the door and the windows.

4. Rise higher still above your house.If necessary, feel your awareness being connected to the body a golden thread of light. View the different rooms in your house and the furniture in them.

5. As you rise higher still, you become aware of the town or city – the streets, the buildings and parks.

6. Now, move your awareness to an orbital level around the earth and become aware of the continent your city is on and the surrounding seas. Let the earth rotate and view all the continents and oceans.

7. Let the earth become smaller and smaller as you move further away until the solar system is just a star among many of the milky-way galaxy. As you move further and further, even the galaxies become tiny lights within the void of space. Become aware of the space all around you. Become one with the space but still separate through you awareness. Rest in this state.

8. Slowly, become aware of the galaxies around you and move towards our galaxy. Become aware of our solar system and move into orbit around the earth with its continents and blue oceans. Descend to your city and then to the house and back above your head. View your still body and examine it while you slowly become aware of the physical body once more – the head, the neck, the arms, torso and legs. Slowly move a hand and turn your head slightly, taking long, deep breaths and open your eyes.

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