Ganesha Mudra – for Heart Chakra

By Rudra Shivananda

Ganesh Mudra

Hold the left hand in front of the chest with the palm facing outward. Grasp the fingers of the left hand with the right hand, which has the palm facing towards the body. Move the hands in front of the chest up to the level of the heart.

Exhale and pull the hands apart without releasing the grip, tensing the muscles of the upper arms and chest area.

Let go of the tension and inhale. This is one round.

Repeat 6 times for a total of 7 rounds.

Then place the linked hands on the sternum and repeat the mantra for Lord Ganesha three times.

Change hand positions with the right palm facing outward and left palm facing inward.

Repeat the exhalation and inhalation 7 times and then once more place the hands on the sternum. Intone the mantra for Lord Ganesha aloud 3 more times.

Focus on the heart center in silence for a minute or two.

This mudra strengthens the heart muscles and stimulates heart activity in general, releasing tension in the area. It opens up the heart chakra and stimulates courage, confidence and openness in relationships.

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