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So, what is Self-Realisation? Here is my definition of Self-Realisation. I am not self-realised, so forgive me if my understanding is incorrect. To me, it is a state where we know that we are not our mind and body and we know it with as much certainty as we know we have hands on our body. When a ball is thrown to us, we automatically catch the ball without checking to see if we have hands. Similarly, a self-realised being will react to events from a perspective that he is not the mind and body personality and accordingly, act calmly and wisely, without being overcome by emotions.

Therefore, self-realisation or nirvana is not something to be achieved. There is nothing to achieve. Achievement is the work of the ego, not the Divine.

When you are looking at a something beautiful…..breathe consciously

When you are beside a loved one….breathe consciously

When pleasant feelings arise…breathe consciously

When negative emotions are arising…breathe consciously

When stress is arising…breathe consciously

Your breath heals and allows you to enjoy the present moment.

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