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I have spent thousands of hours working with the techniques in this course. They have contributed tremendously to the well-being of many people throughout the world. This guided program is based on the teachings of the great Masters and my own experiential contributions. There is now much positive scientific research that backs up the effectiveness of breath work in dealing with many common but difficult psychological and physical problems. Hundreds of scientific studies have shown that the use of breathing techniques can help treat difficult health problems such as depression, anxiety, asthma, high blood pressure and gastro-intestinal maladies.

This book is a wellness program that will be helpful for preventing many health problems among young people and to heal many of the problems affecting older people. The techniques in this program were chosen because they will show rapid if not immediate results with the investment of a short duration of practice. Ten to twenty minutes per day for healthy maintenance. Everyone who practices these techniques find their energy level and mental acuity noticeably boosted in a couple of days. This motivates them to consciously make an effort to regularly practice, which in turn produces more positive results. You will find knowledge that will help you understand better how this program of better breathing and energy control will contribute to your well-being and longevity. Rudra Shivananda has given healing breath workshops in many countries since 1998.This book is an outgrowth of his experience with refining a system that has proven effective over a period of time among a large group of diverse peoples.


Practical Mantra Yoga – RM74.00

The use of charged words of power to connect with the Divine Forces of the universe is common among many ancient cultures. In the Indian tradition, these sound patterns are called mantras and the ancient sages formulated comprehensive rules and programs for their practical use, both in the material world and the spiritual worlds.

In modern times, the use of mantras has become popularised but their reputed powers have been waning due to the proliferation of ‘fast-food’ mentally among those eager to grasp at results.

Yoga of Purification and Transformation – RM74.00

Yoga of Purification and Transformation

Attain Peace of Mind in the life & terminate the cycle of suffering caused by the accumulation of negative karma. A profound approach to moral practice as the foundation of all spiritual paths from Rudra Shivananda. Learn about the five restraints or yamas which constitute the Yoga of Purification and five observances or niyamas for the Yoga of Transformation. You will learn what they are, why they are important and how to practice them, in the context of Self-Realization. The development of the yamas will lead to freedom from emotional and mental disturbances, as well as the elimination of negative karma. The niyamas are essential habits that develop the mental state of a spiritual practitioner and immunize against the obstacles that prevent attainment of superconsciousness. This is an inspirational and informative presentation with many relevant stories, examples and practices for everyone on the spiritual path.

Author: Rudra Shivananda

In Light of Kriya – RM74.00

In Light of Kriya Yoga


Ever Wondered about: � Self-Realization � Liberation � Whether you need a Guru? � Concentration and Meditation � Inner Guidance � Grace and Devotion � Living spiritually in a material world � Living joyfully

Answers to these plus many other profound keys to Life are found in the pages of this book Now an adept of Kriya Yoga has provided practical guidance to all those interested in expanding their awareness. An inspiring and trustworthy companion on the path for the spiritually inclined thinker and doer. A unique presentation with a perspective based on experiential realization.

254 pages

Author: Rudra Shivananda

Healing Postures of the 18 Siddhas- RM50.00

Healing Postures of the 18 Siddhas


A clear, concise and easy to follow text on the series of 18 postures widely used in Kriya Yoga. This set of postures can be used for controlling energy flow and transforming thoughts and emotions that prevent us from being happy. For the first time, the spiritual and mental dimensions have been revealed to supplement the physical and healing benefits of practising these postures.

Rudra Shivananda


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