Being Fearless when Dying

By Desmond Yeoh

Casey dreamt that he was dying. It was dream but yet, he could tell that he was half awake. The fear of dying during this half-dream was very real. He started to recall all the spiritual teachings in an attempt to comfort himself. He reminded himself that the ‘Self’ is merely an illusion and that death is akin to changing clothes. He told himself that he is trading his old body for a new one and he should be rejoicing. Yet, his subconscious fear kept a tight grip on him and kept screaming out to him that he was dying. His first realisation was that all the scriptural knowledge is useless without spiritual experience.

He sensed and was convinced that if he died while being burdened with fear, his next rebirth would not be favourable. It would not be the death of a true spiritual man.

Then a small voice told him to just relax and let go. Casey gave up trying to comfort himself and just rested in his Ajna Chakra (third-eye). He gradually calmed down and was enveloped by a sense of inner-peace and acceptance. He realised that this is truly the proper way to die…in silent meditation. Another realisation occurred to him :- all our spiritual practices, especially meditation, becomes our friend and guide when it is our time move on. They are the only treasures that we can bring along to our next life.



Dr Subhassh

This article is dedicated to the memory of Dr. Subhassh Rajoo, a true Bodhisattva and Kriya Yoga practitioner. He attended the first seminar we organised more than 10 years ago and continued to attend all our subsequent annual seminars. He lived in Port Dickson but made the effort to attend all our monthly gatherings in Kuala Lumpur to lend his support and encourage our efforts. He worked 7 days a week and his clinic was often packed with patients. His compassion and desire to help others made him a great and effective doctor.  Here is a short story about his experience we posted a few years ago.

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