Wisdom From The Sun

By Rudra Shivananda

pexels-photo-847483.jpegIt is recounted in the Mandala Brahmana Upanishad that the great sage Yajnavalkya attained to the sphere of the Sun and learned about the light that exists within the inner core of the spiritual seeker.

The following is the essence of the wisdom imparted to the sage by the Spirit of the Sun:
The human body-mind is burdened with five stains: passion, anger, unrest, fear and sleep. The removal of these stains can is very extremely difficult because it requires the super-human effort to abstain from intention actions, by absolute forgiveness, moderation in food, carefulness and the spiritual vision of building blocks of existence called the tattwas.

There is a subtle path that reveals the mystical star or Taraka which is the way to cross the ocean of suffering where sleep and fear are the serpents of the deep, injury the waves, desire for sensations the whirlpool traps and family entanglements the muddy mire.

Taraka is the Atman when seen in the third-eye center between the eyebrows. It has the nature of the spiritual radiance of Satchitananda. The brilliant central channel, sushumna nadi leads to it and in this channel’s center, the kundalini shines like countless
lightning bolts and yet is subtle as the thread in the lotus stalk. Darkness and ignorance (tamas) is destroyed there.

Through seeing the star, all sins are destroyed. A technique for attaining the path of the mystical star is given: Close the two ears by the tips of the forefingers, and listen to the booming sound. When the mind is fixed on it, a blue light is seen between the eyes and also in the heart.  Deepen the vision and make it steady. When one sees spiritual light above the head, then he attains the state of nectar and rays of the morning sun are joined
with the moon and fire in the inner space. Then the yogi comes to have the nature of those lights. Through practice, he becomes one with this inner space (aksaha) devoid of all attributes or gunas.

In the course of practice, akasha, with its shining stars, becomes to him para-akasha and unites with para-akasha. Then she becomes one with the resplendent fire of maha-akasha, Next, she merges into tattva-akasha, lighted with the highest conceivable brightness. Finally, she becomes one with surya-akasha, brightened by millions of suns. In this way, the yogi becomes one with That.

This is the great yogic science which is concealed in all the scriptures. When this is known, one is liberated.

Then the Spirit of the Sun explained to Yajnavalkya the essence of this inner sight: It is the source of the five elements. In its midst, the tattvas are manifested. It is hidden. It can be known only by one who has attained wisdom and knowledge. Above the inner sight is
the sphere of the sun, in the middle of which is the light of the nectary moon. It shines like a ray of white lightning striking the tip of the nose. When this is practiced, a deep darkness is seen at the root of the palate. In this practice, a jyoti (light) of the form of an endless sphere emerges. This is Brahman as satchitananda. When the mind is absorbed in this naturally produced bliss, then the kechari mudra takes place.

The following are the signs of inner sight: first light is seen like a faraway star; then a dazzling diamond; then the sphere of full moon; then the sphere of the brightness of nine gems; then the sphere of the midday sun – they are seen in this order.

Once the inner sight is attained, there is no rising or setting of the eternal sun of Chit (awareness) in the yogi’s heart and he has no karma to perform. Rising above day and night through the annihilation of sound and time he becomes one with Brahman. He is a true knower because he is now free from all thoughts.

When the triple aspects of knower, knowing and knowledge are dissolved by the inner sight, the yogi becomes the jyoti (light) without bhava (existence) or abhava (nonexistence), full and motionless, like the ocean without the tides or like the lamp without the wind.

The yogi who knows Brahman enjoys this bliss, which is eternal and has dawned on her, that yogi becomes one with Brahman. This yogi with inner sight is no longer troubled by the illusion of not-Self, the delusional universe. This is a glimpse of the wisdom imparted
by the Sun to the sage who has reached the realm of the light – the Adityaloka.

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