Surrendering to a Living Master

Surrendering to a Living Master

By Desmond Yeoh SCSurrender

In my previous article, ‘Surrender: The Foundation of Kriya Yoga’, I shared the following story from a friend:

Recently I faced some problems at work. I prayed to the Divine to bring peace to my heart while I go through this challenge. One night, I dreamt that I was a construction worker working on a skyscraper. I was very high up in the sky walking along the steel beams. I have a fear of heights and the Divine chose a good way to get His point across! I was scared stiff but the Divine said to me that I have protective wires tied to me. All I need to do is to test those wires once by falling off in the scariest way possible. Once I see that I am protected by the wires, I will no longer be afraid! So, I let go of the beam which I was clinging to and spread my hands out. I then leaned back with my eyes closed and fell off. I was caught by the security wires and pulled back to safety.

 After I woke up, I could still remember the dream clearly. I know that whenever I remember a dream with clarity, it is a message from the Divine. It was clear to me that the Divine asked me to trust in Him. The message was simple: Do not be afraid of falling because I will be there to catch you!

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We can see that surrendering to the Divine can give us the strength and confidence to face all our challenges. Surrendering to a living master can also lend us strength but it is much more difficult than surrendering to the Divine. We are not able to judge the Divine but we can easily judge a living master. Our mind can easily find fault with a living person but it is impossible to find fault with the Divine.

First of all, the Master needs to earn the complete trust of his disciple. He does this not to benefit himself but to help his disciple. Secondly, the disciple needs to conquer the wall of doubt and scepticism that he had built to protect himself. This process can easily take years or decades but once such a relationship is established, it can be extremely rewarding because there is an on-going and personal interaction between the Master and his disciple. The Master will set up circumstances and situations that challenge the disciples negative karmic inclinations so that he can overcome them and evolve spiritually.

Nowadays, with mountains of scandals involving spiritual masters, it appears that the wall of doubt that we build around ourselves is getting thicker and thicker. Surrendering to a living master becomes superficial – we stay with the Master only if he can continue to help us fulfil our material desires. This is not surrender. It is more of a conditional relationship.

A true Master-disciple relationship involves complete surrender and unconditional trust. One who has established this kind of relationship with a Master, whether or not the Master is fully enlightened, is truly blessed.

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  1. Bargitah
    Jan 18, 2013 @ 02:03:51

    Dear Desmond,
    Thank you so much for this wonderful message, and this message has given me a answer for my dream which am searching for and this is what I dream;

    I dream about flood & tsunami: I was in the house and I saw a green & blue lights going a cross, I ask some beside me what lights is that? then I am shouting flood coming and running down to the hall and out side of the house I saw a big Wave just rush and the whole are was covered with flood but didn’t come in to my house.
    I was so surprise then I went a the back of the house I saw blue sea suddenly big wave about 1.90 cm high then I shout again calling my mother saying tsunami coming, I rush back to front of the house to see if the flood enter my house and I was asking my self why flood only out side of the house and my neighbors houses and cars was washed a way. Then I went out side of my house I saw drain surrounding my house and all the water is going to the drain. I was so surprise and wondering how come suddenly there a drain around my house and it’s like protecting my house.

    I run to the back of house again, I was so shock and terrified my heart was pumping very fast I saw a very big black wave touching the sky and it’s like a cobra snake looking at me, I am so scared and I kneeling down looking at the wave and the only word is coming from me is GOD,GOD,GOD xxxxxxxx.
    Then the wave falling down and I saw people falling down from the cliff, some is death some very badly injured and calling for help and I was shouting, crying but nothing happen to me and my house, Am telling to some one beside oh my god they need my help and I rush to help them.

    Then I woke up so frighten, sweating and my heart was pumping so fast.
    I really don’t know what is the meaning of the dream, but I only know that I was protected and your article is the answer for my question.

    Thank you so much.



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