Warrior Pose (Virabhadrasana)

By Rudra Shivananda

Warrior Pose 1This is a great posture to prepare for the spiritual battle against negative forces. It strengthens and firms the legs, hips, and abdomen, back and neck muscles, while improving balance and concentration, as well as expanding the chest for deeper breathing. There are two parts to the asana, first a dynamic one and then a static or holding posture.

1. Stand with feet and legs together; hands by the side.

2. Spread the feet as far apart as possible while retaining stability and keeping the heels in line with each other.

3. Inhale, raise your stretched arms overhead, keeping arms parallel. Open the chest and keep the shoulders pressed down.

Warrior Pose 24. Breathe naturally; turn your right leg and foot sideways at 90 degrees angle to the front; turn your left foot in at 45 degrees. Turn hips and body towards right. Inhale and stretch up from the waist through the arms.

5. Exhale and bend your right knee, placing the right thigh parallel to the ground. Center yourself and feel the stretch.

6. Inhale and straighten the right knee; repeat exhalation with bending and inhalation with straightening 7 times.

7. Return to position in #2 and repeat #3 through 6 with the left leg.

8. Return to position in #2 and repeat #3 through 5; now with the right knee bent, hold this position and look up towards your hands with chin reaching upward stretching the front of the neck and fingers touching. Keep your spine and back of the neck extended. Hold this for about 7 breaths and then switch to the left leg.

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