Cosmic Intelligence

Cosmic Intelligence

By Desmond Yeoh (Reproduced from the e-book ‘Candles of Celebration)

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James and Gopal shared a hut in a meditation centre located at the edge of a forest. The night air was cool and pleasant. As they rested on their mats before going to sleep, they contemplated what they have learnt from the Master during the day. James is a Quantum Physics professor at a well known university in the US while Gopal is medical doctor in India. James has been coming to this retreat every year for 5 years now but this is Gopal’s first spiritual retreat. The retreat is a good rest for the both of them from their hectic schedules.

James and Gopal got along very well from the first day they met and they loved discussing about spiritual matters before turning in for the night.

Gopal wanted to compare his experience with James and asked, “How have you benefited from these retreats?”

“I need to talk a little about quantum physics in order to answer you. Science has proven that matter comprise of atoms and empty space. Atoms are made up of electrons and protons spinning rapidly in empty space. In summary, at the core, we are essentially empty space and are no different from this candle, as an example” James pointed to the lighted candle on the floor and continued, “In quantum physics, the more deeply we look, the more the universe looks like thoughts.”

“Like the cosmic intelligence mentioned by Paramhansa Yogananda,” Gopal contributed.

James smiled in agreement. He hesitated for a moment and continued, “I was very proud of this understanding and shared this with Guruji. He listened attentively to everything that I know about quantum physics. I thought I impressed him but after I finished, he asked me, ‘does all this matter to you whether they are true or not?’ I was stunned. He might as well hit me on the head with a sledgehammer”. Both of them laughed.

Gopal said, “Yes, it is a Master’s job to shake us hard in order to wake us. It appears that science has revealed the oneness of all beings but we still act like we are all separate”.

James sighed and added, “That is true. I realised that all this knowledge meant very little to me from a spiritual point of view because I only understood it conceptually. It stayed only on the surface of the mind and did not trigger any real paradigm shift in me. The night after the discussion with Guruji, I meditated and went within. I observed my body, emotions and thoughts, and realised that I do not really have control over them. My random thoughts are very much dependent on external circumstances and stimuli; and these thoughts affect me physically and emotionally. I observed the gap between my thoughts and saw my ego disappear during those brief spaces”.

Gopal added, “Yes, our thoughts arise so rapidly that we fail to see the gaps between our thoughts that reveal our true nature. It is like drawing a few dots on a white piece of paper. We will see the dots but fail to see the white empty space that allows the black dots to exist”.

James saw the truth in Gopal’s example, “Perhaps that is why we are so caught up with the ego. Guruji once taught that intuition comes from the empty space between our thoughts….the white spaces on the paper in your example…. and spiritual insights arise from them….I need to spend more time resting in these gaps”.

“All or us do, my friend, all of us do” Gopal whispered softly as if talking to himself.

James nodded in agreement, “Knowledge is useful only if we can apply it. I realised that our thoughts are energy which we send out. It is important that you do not hold ill will towards anyone because they can sense it. You don’t need to say a thing. Just thinking negatively about them will cause aversion within them towards you”.

Gopal laughed as he remembered something, “Somehow, I have applied that insight unknowingly. Whenever, my wife throws a tantrum, I will try not to hold angry thoughts towards her but instead, silently send her calm and peace. She cannot stay angry with me for long!” James laughed along. They quickly covered their mouths lest they disturb the others in the huts nearby.

Gopal added, “Medical research has shown that a patient recover more quickly when others pray for them. I can now see how that works after your explanation”.

James said, “From a larger point of view, our thought energy not only affect other people, they affect the environment as well. The thought energy that comes from anger, hatred, greed and other negativities accumulate in the world and eventually explode in the form of natural disasters. On the other hand, it is the energy that comes from love, goodwill, joy and other positive factors that bring the peace and prosperity that we experience today”. James paused and continued  “Certain places have negative energies which drain us for example, casinos are filled with so much thoughts relating to greed and anger that I avoid going such places”.

Gopal added, “ Perhaps that is why I feel so tired when I go to crowded shopping centres”.

“Yes, the exchange of energy is one of the causes of your fatigue. On the other hand, spending time in nature like we do now can fill us with positive energy.  I can see why Yogis prefer to spend time in secluded places”.

Gopal sighed, “That life is not yet for us my friend”. Gopal continued, “I can see how this is related to the healing techniques which involve the use of energy or prana such as Reiki, pranic healing and shakti healing. These techniques bring healing to our energy body which in turn bring positive changes to our physical body”.

They continued their discussion on healing until Gopal yawned.

James realising that they have talked passed midnight said, “I love to talk more but we need to wake up at five tomorrow morning”.

“You are right, sleep well my good friend”.

“Pleasant dreams Gopal”.

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