Cancer Treatment with 80% Success Rate

Cancer Treatment with 80% Success Rate

The book, ‘A World without Cancer’ introduced a cancer treatment using vitamin B17 which has a surprisingly high success rate, but is not widely known. The cure may have been suppressed simply because vitamin B17 cannot be patented. I have included a link to a documentary based on this book below.

Water contains 2 hydrogen atoms which bonded to  oxygen, is harmless to our body. Similarly, vitamin B17 has a cyanide molecule (a form of poison) which bonded with other molecules to form vitamin B17, is harmless to our body. However, cancer cells contain an enzyme which breaks down vitamin B17 and releases the cyanide into the cancer cells. Therefore vitamin B17 is nature’s gift that can kill cancer cells without harming other cells in our body. This makes vitamin B17 (its extracted form is called Laetrile and Amygdalin) an effective cure for cancer. The documentary showed that, if detected early, treating cancer with Vitamin B17 has a success rate 80% versus 15% using conventional methods.

So, please watch this documentary (link) and share it in your Facebook or other social medias you use. You may just save someone’s life.



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